Pages From The Scrapbook #5

듀오링고 다운로드

Recently, I brought a new category to which is “Pages From The Scrapbook”.

A lot of my fan base don’t know that back in the seventies, eighties, and nineties that I was a boxing beat writer for my local newspaper the Santa Barbara News Press, doing fight predictions and served as a guest reporter on local radio for all major fights 한컴 오피스 교육 기관용 다운로드.

I am delighted to bring some of these article features that I wrote for viewing.

I learned quite a bit in the journalism field back in my younger days than has helped me to be the best I can be producing this website. 

Featured here is my pre-fight article piece on the rematch – Michael Spinks vs 다운로드. Larry Holmes, IBF heavyweight championship – dated April 19, 1986.

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