R.I.P. Allen Syers

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I am saddened to report that my friend, our friend, boxer Allen Syers passed away on December 6, 2011 다운로드. Allen fought in the lightweight (135 lb.) division from 1964 to1967 and compiled a ring record of 8 wins, 3 losses, and 2 draws. Born in Liverpool, England, Allen lived in Mission Viejo, California with his loving wife Elise 다운로드. Allen was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame in 2008, and was to be honored this weekend, on December 10, 2011, by the Golden State Boxer’s Association as the recipient of the 2011 Don Fraser World Boxing Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award 다운로드. He was a wonderful person in all aspects of the life that he lived and respected by everyone. May his soul rest in peace in heaven with God.

8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Allen Syers

  1. Allen Syers was a great friend and he is definitely missed.. I’m just sorry I never got to say good bye to my dear friend… I worked with him, he was my boss… R.I.P.

  2. In 1964, Allen and I came over to this country (Westminster, CA), with just $100 in our pockets. From the streets of England to the Boxing Gyms of California, he was my Best Friend and Brother. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him dearly. I will see you again someday my brother….R.I.P

  3. This is my grandads brother I would love to find freinds of my great uncle he was a boxer I heard from family amd I would love to follow his footsteps in a boxing career my grandad loved boxing and its always been on my blood
    Sam syers
    United Kingdom

  4. I had the privilege of meeting Bernie Elwell & Alan Syers when I was 16yrs old. Alan & I went to see a movie @ the Highway 39 drive-in. Alan & Bernie worked with my mom Lucy wgen Mead was still called Westab on Western & Lampson in Garden Grove, CA.

  5. I meet Allen in March 1998 when I interview for a job and envntually got position with the company. I reported to Allen on a daily basis we became friends in and out of the office. The Year after Allen passed away is when I found out at a company reunion. Allen , Louie Zamora , and Me used to hang out whether it be lunch or after work dinners. Anyway I would like too say it was a pleasure and honor to have known Allen R.I.P my friend!

  6. Allen was my grandpa, I miss him so much. He meant the world to me. He always wanted me to be a boxer when i grew up, he would always put his hands up and have me hit them. He inspired me to start boxing, and now I am training, I want to be like him when I grow up. He is my role model, i’ve always looked up to him. He was such a great man. I just wish he was still with us today. I miss you Grandpa

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