Sugar Shane Mosley and Alex Ramos
(photo George Garcia)

Dear Friends,

The Retired Boxers Foundation has been in existance for 11 years now and this past year has been particularly difficult 기본이력서. Alex was hospitalized three times and nearly died once. He suffers from severe seizures that take him out for as long as six hours to forty eight hours 다운로드. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Paul Wallace, along with the assistance of Dr. Ray Monsell and Dr. John Stiller, a proper diagnosis was made and he is on as medication that seems to be working 다운로드.

Also, during the past four months, I have been in Minnesota on a number of occassions, tending to my mother who is terminall ill with Liver and Lung Cancer, and my father who had Kidney Cancer 다운로드. Mom’s cancer is incurable (small cell carcinoma), but my dad’s was curable and is cured following cryo-ablation at the Mayo Clinic two weeks ago remains.

As you can imagine, I have not had a lot of time to focus on the Retired Boxers Foundation, and Alex has been in the process of recovery from those seizures 200mb 이상 다운로드. On two occasions, he was unable to walk after the hospitalization. All of us are in recovery mode, but the RBF is ailing. We are down to $138.00 having sent our last $800 to a fighter who is terminal with cancer 다운로드. Adding insult to injury, we only made $1000 on our last golf tournament. Things are not going to get better.

As friends and supporters of the RBF, we are asking each of you to find five friends to donate $100, or ten friends to donate $50 Autoset download. Its the only thing we can do at this point and a couple of thousand dollars will keep us afloate until we can do a fund raiser. We know that everyone seems to be suffering financially, but there are some who wouldn’t suffer after donating $100 and those are the people we need to reach out to 솔리드 웍스 2016 크랙 다운로드. I am getting a settlement in the next couple of weeks and I am going to make a $1000 donation myself. In the meantime, I continue to pay the phone bills and buy the office supplies we need, and it is my pleasure 다운로드. I just need a little help.

If you can help, donations can be made from our website using PayPal, OR, donations can be mailed to the Retired Boxers Foundation at 3359 Bryan Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93063. We have so much work to do and fortunately, a lot of the assistance requires labor rather than money. We have so many good friends who have assisted us, including IPRO, the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, the WBC and many others too numerous to name.

Please help us get back on our feet so that we can continue to do what is right for fighters in need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the bottom of Alex’s heart, which is REALLY huge!

Sincerely (love and hugs!)

Jacquie Richardson
Executive Director
3359 Bryan Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93063

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