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Five questions appearing in March, June, September, December

1) In 1889, John L 스팟파이어 다운로드. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrian in a bout that lasted seventy-five rounds. Who was the time keeper ?

a) James Corbett

b) Bat Masterson

c) Wyatt Earp

d) Tex Rickard

2) What former heavyweight champion held the title the shortest – 2 months, 2 days 창세기전2 다운로드?

a) Leon Spinks

b) Ken Norton

c) Tony Tucker

d) Buster Douglas

3) Manny Pacquiao won his first world title in 1998 in what weight division 아라시 음원 다운로드?

a) Flyweight

b) Bantamweight

c) Featherweight

d) Lightweight

4) Who was the first light heavyweight champion at 175 pounds to win that created title in 1903 ?

a) Bob Fitzsimmons

b) Marvin Hart

c) Jack Root

d) George Gardner

5) What Los Angeles based boxer fought every fight (16) in his professional career, but one, at the Olympic Auditorium ?

a) Javier Muniz

b) Larry Harding

c) Jimmy Robertson

d) Richard Steele


NOTE: answers will be posted for viewing in three weeks or less

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