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( 1 ) The weight class in boxing known as bantam (118 lbs.) is a term to describe what animal 다운로드?

a – Frog

b – Rooster

c – Horse

d – Deer

( 2 ) Demetrius Coley, who plays football for Western Kentucky University, is the nephew of what former heavyweight champion 초등수학문제 다운로드?

a -Ken Norton

b – Larry Holmes

c – Michael Spinks

d – Evander Holyfield

( 3 ) What former middleweight champion had the nickname “Man of Steel” 다운로드?

a – Stanley Ketchel

b – Tony Zale

c – Carlos Monzon

d – Marvin Hagler

( 4 ) On February 28, 1961 at Madison Square Garden, New York, what former heavyweight champion lost in a “Boxer vs. Wrestler” match to wrestling champion Buddy Rogers?

a – Primo Carnera

b – Max Baer

c – Joe Louis

d – Jersey Joe Walcott

( 5 ) The late Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward won the 1963 National Golden Gloves title in what weight class?

a – Flyweight

b – Bantamweight

c – Featherweight

d – Lightweight


*** Answers will be posted for viewing by December 31, 2012.

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