I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia 다운로드. This started when I was a young boy in 1961. I would pick the older generation and ask them questions about their era to expand my knowledge. I am delighted now to bring boxing trivia to my website on a quarterly basis 다운로드. Five (5) questions appear in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow for viewing by the end of each posting month 다운로드.

1 – In what championship fight did Sugar Ray Robinson donate all of his purse, except for one dollar, to the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund 다운로드?

a)  Gene Fulmer

b)  Charley Fusari — CORRECT Answer

c)  Carl Olson

d)  Paul Pender

2 – Joe Frazier defended his heavyweight title against this opponent who requied 32 stiches to his face after the bout?

a)  Ron Stander — CORRECT Answer

b)  Billy Daniels

c)  Tony Doyle

d)  Dave Zyglewicz

3 – Art Aragon would fight for a world title only once in his professional career, a 15 round unanimous decision loss to who?

a)  Ike Williams

b)  Carmen Basilio

c)  Jimmy Carter — CORRECT Answer

d)  Lauro Salas

4 – What former wrestling champion had a short undefeated boxing career (8-0), and his father once fought Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Primo Carnera, and Max Baer?

a)  Buddy Rogers

b)  Bearcat Wright — CORRECT Answer

c)  Freddie Blassie

d)  Verne Gagne

5 – Former WBA featherweight champion Chris John retired in 2011 with only one loss in his 52 professional bouts, which boxer holds that win over him?

a)  Oscar Leon

b)  Juan Manuel Marquez

c)  Rocky Juarez

d)  Simpiwe Vetyeka — CORRECT Answer

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