RING TRIVIA "answers" for January 2010

1) On May 10, 1996 … Lennox Lewis, a former 1988 Olympic champion, fought another former 1988 Olympic champion … he was 다운로드?
answer is – Ray Mercer

2) What former heavyweight champion once said (quote) “Boxing is a Great Sport and a Dirty Business” 다운로드?
answer is – Ken Norton

3) On February 2, 1964, two weeks before Cassius Clay won the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, he appeared on a TV variety show that was viewed by a record 73 million people – it was 다운로드?
answer is – Ed Sullivan

as a popular feature from dmboxing.com there are always three new RING TRIVIA questions posted each month – with answers available for viewing about three weeks later