RING TRIVIA “answers” for May 2010

1) In sixty-nine professional fights, 1934 to 1951, Joe Louis only lost to three men … there were acdsee pro 8 다운로드?
answer is – Max Schemeling, Ezzard Charles, Rocky Marciano

2) What former featherweight champion, as a child lost three of his fingers on right hand preventing him to make a fist and fought his career with this handicap 다운로드?
answer is – Howard Winstone

3) In 1956, when Rocky Marciano retired as undefeated heavyweight champion … who became his successor webm 파일?
answer is – Floyd Patterson

NOTE: as a popular feature from  dmboxing.com there are always three new RING TRIVIA questions posted for your enjoyment … with answers available for viewing about three weeks later!

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