RING TRIVIA "answers" for September 2008

1) What Gold Medal winner was voted the most outstanding boxer in the 1976 Olympics Nginx download?
the answer is – Howard Davis, Jr

2) Who beat Larry Holmes, in 1985, when he was just one win away from tying Rocky Marciano’s undefeated professional record of 49-0 트로트 mp3 무료 다운로드?
the answer is – Michael Spinks

3) Jerry Quarry, in 1965, won the National Golden Gloves Championship winning all five of his bouts by knockout, who was his trainer 다운로드?
the answer is – Bill Slayton

Three “new” RING TRIVIA questions are posted up on or about the 1st of every month … with the answers available three weeks later – sometime around the 21st of each month for viewing!