RING TRIVIA – answers

A quarterly feature from  dmboxing.com
Five questions appearing in March, June, September, December

1) Who was the first boxer from the legendary Kronk (Detroit) Gym to win a world title 다운로드?

ANSWER – Hilmer Kenty
2)  On January 1, 1913, because of rumors that heavyweight champion Jack Johnson was retired, who beat Al Palzer to win the “white” heavyweight championship phonegap.js?
ANSWER – Luther McCarty

3)  Who did Frank Bruno fight in a heavyweight title bout at Wembley Stadium, London, England that drew over 40,000 fans 언터쳐블 자막 다운로드?
ANSWER – Tim Witherspoon

4)  What boxer had a career total of 152 bouts in eleven years, which was an amazing average of almost 14 bouts per year 대풍수 다운로드?
ANSWER – Kid Chocolate

5)  The late, legendary boxing writer, Harry Carpenter, first wrote for what newspaper 마피아 42?
ANSWER – London Daily Mail

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