RING TRIVIA for August 2010

1) After his retirement in 1935, former welterweight and middleweight champion Mickey “The Toy Bulldog” Walker was known for his excellent work as a 토지 피복 지도 다운로드?
a) Painting Artist
b) Gourmet Chef
c) Sculptor
d) Ballroom Dancer

2) Who was the “only” man ever to officially on record knock-down Marvelous Marvin Hagler in his 67 bout professional career Ucdexec exe download?
a) Juan Roldan
b) John Magabi
c) Bobby Watts
d) Bennie Briscoe

3) In 1936, a heavyweight by the name of King Kong had his only professional fight, a win over another cartoon-named boxer, who was known as 다운로드?
a) Popeye the Sailor
b) Sad Sack
c) Beatle Bailey
d) Battling Bozo

NOTE: as a popular feature from dmboxing.com there are always three new RING TRIVIA questions posted each month for your enjoyment … with answers available about three weeks later!

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