RING TRIVIA for July 2011

( a monthly feature from David Martinez Boxing )


1) Actor Robert Ryan, who starred in one of boxing’s top movies, “The Set Up” (1949), was a former collegiate boxing champion at what Ivy League school 웹파일 다운로드?
a) Princeton

b) Brown

c) Yale

d) Dartmouth


2) The late Howie Steindler trained many professional fighters in his career, who was his first 오늘의 탐정 다운로드?

a) Tony Reno

b) Eddie Shapiro

c) Ernie Lopez

d) Danny Lopez


3) Who was the “original” founder, in 1980, of the World Boxing Hall of Fame 다운로드?
a) Everett Sanders

b) Dub Harris

c) Gordon Del Faro

d) Charlie Casas



( Answers will be available for viewing in about three weeks )



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