RING TRIVIA for March 2011

a monthly feature from David Martinez Boxing

1) James Figg was recognized as the first heavyweight champion in 1719 원랜디 6.1 다운로드. He had a grandson who also won the heavyweight title thiry-one years later, Who was he ?

a) Jack Broughton

b) Peter Corcoran

c) Bill Darts

d) Jack Slack

2) On February 28, 1961 at Madison Square Garden, New York, what former heavyweight champion lost in a Boxer vs 매드 파더. Wrestler exhibition match to Buddy Rogers ?

a) Primo Carnera

b) Joe Louis

c) Jersey Joe Walcott

d) Ezzard Charles

3) Undisputed middleweight champions Carlos Monzon and Marvin Hagler had two things in common in their professional careers 다운로드. One was they never made a comeback after retiring. What was the second thing ?

a) all of their title fight wins were by knockout

b) they each had 14 successful title defenses

c) they were never knocked out

d) they were both southpaws

(answers will be available for viewing in about three weeks)

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