RING TRIVIA for March 2020 – ANSWERS

I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia.  This began back when I was a kid in 1961.  I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to educate myself.  It’s now my pleasure to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone.  On a quarterly basis I post five (5) multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow by the end of each posting month for viewing 다운로드.

1 – When Kenny Lane KO’d Elmer Lakotas, July 28, 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, what former heavyweight champion was the referee for their lightweight bout 다운로드?

a) Jack Dempsey —— CORRECT ANSWER

b) Ezzard Charles

c) Jersey Joe Walcott

d) Rocky Marciano

2 – At a young age, former lightweight champion Beau Jack, his work was 위대한 계춘빈 다운로드?

a) Cotton Picker Boy

b) Railroad Baggage Boy

c) Race Horse Stable Cleaning Boy

d) Shoe Shine Boy —— CORRECT ANSWER

3 – On September 8, 2009, in Las Vegas, Oscar De La Hoya won a three-round exhibition match vs 지식채널 다운로드. NBA star Shaquille O’Neil. What former heavyweight champion worked out with O’Neil in preparation for the match?

a) Michael Moorer

b) Lennox Lewis

c) Oliver McCall —— CORRECT ANSWER

d) Chris Byrd

4) In 1967, the WBA formed an eight-man single elimination tournament to crown a champion after Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title 그루브 샤크. Who were the two fighters that were the odds on favorites to win this title?

a) Jerry Quarry and Leotis Martin

b) Thad Spencer and Oscar Bonavena —— CORRECT ANSWER

c) Floyd Patterson and Karl Mildenberger

d) Jimmy Ellis and Ernie Terrell

5) On June 1, 2008 the first Filipino boxer to be featured on a Philippines postage stamp was?

a) Pancho Villa

b) Flash Elorde

c) Ceferino Garcia

d) Manny Pacquiao —— CORRECT ANSWER

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