RING TRIVIA for March 2022

I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia. This began back when I was a kid in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to educate myself 유튜브 무료 동영상 다운로드. It’s now my pleasure to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone. On a quarterly basis I post five (5) multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow by the end of each posting month for viewing 다운로드.

1 – To whom would we attribute this quote: “Boxing is Drama At It’s Grandest Scale”

a) Howard Cosell

b) Don Dunphy

c) Colonel Al Sheridan

d) Nat Fleischer

2 – Former WBA junior welterweight champion Nicoline – his nickname was what ejb download?

a) the Wizard

b) the Magician

c) the Elusive   

d) the Untouchable

3- Former super featherweight / lightweight champion Diego Corrales Jr fc4. died on May 7, 2007 … what was the cause of death ?

a) car crash

b) motorcycle accident

c) train wreck

d) airplane crash

4) What fighter was former boxing trainer Harry Kabakoff’s first professional boxer 절대그이 다운로드?

a) Tury Pineda

b) Eddie Rodriguez

c) Sean O’Grady

d) Ray Lunny

5) Former Flyweight Champion Pascual Perez, from Argentina, won a Gold Medal in the Olympics in what year ?

a) 1946

b) 1948

c) 1950

d) 1952

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