RING TRIVIA for March 2023

I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia 다운로드. This began back when I was a kid in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to educate myself. It’s now my pleasure to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone 새파일 다운로드. On a quarterly basis I post five (5) multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow by the end of each posting month for viewing windows 10 movie maker.

1 – Who’s son did Muhammad Ali buy a ringside seat ticket for to attend his second fight with Jerry Quarry in Las Vegas, June 27, 1972 인공지능 다운로드?

a) Larry King

b) Johnny Carson

c) Art Carney

d) Jerry Lewis

2 – On March 4, 1901, Tommy Ryan retains middleweight title over Tommy West, when West’s chief second throws a sponge into ring to stop the bout 다운로드. Who was he?

a) Jack Blackburn

b) Mike McNulty

c) Young Dutchy

d) Terry McGovern

3 – What world champion had the longest title reign (11 years, 4 months) in the featherweight division?

a) Johnny Kilbane

b) Abe Attell

c) Willie Pep

d) George Dixon

4 – The use of Vaseline when wiped on a fighters face and upper body area is for what reason?

a) To keep cool

b) To keep warm

c) Ward off punches

d) To relive headaches  

5 – In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there was an upcoming welterweight prospect named Larry Harding (12-1 / 9 by KO) whose nickname was “Irish” What other nickname, which was given to him by the media, did he carry?

a) Stormy

b) King

c) Prince

d) Handsome

2 thoughts on “RING TRIVIA for March 2023

  1. 1 – a) Larry King
    2 – d) Terry McGovern
    3 – a) Johnny Kilbane
    4 – c) Ward off punches
    5 – d) Handsome

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