RING TRIVIA for May 2009

1) What fighter was legendary trainer Howie Steinler’s “first” world champion 다운로드?
a) Ernie “Indian Red” Lopez
b) Danny “Little Red” Lopez
c) Bobby Chacon
d) Ruben Navarro

2) Muhammad Ali’s brother Rahman Ali “aka” Rudy Clay fought on the under card of Muhammad three times … two were world title bouts for Muhammad – they were 다운로드?
a) Liston 1964 and Chuvalo 1966
b) Patterson 1965 and Folley 1967
c) Liston 1965 and Frazier 1971
d) Cooper 1966 and Terrell 1967

3) Who was the “only” fighter to record a knockout win in the 200 professional bout career of Sugar Ray Robinson sketch?
a) Carmen Basilio
b) Gene Fullmer
c) Joey Giardello
d) Joey Maxium

NOTE: answers will be posted for viewing later “this” month on about May 28th