RING TRIVIA for October 2009

1) The very first rules of boxing were published and available for public viewing on what date 다운로드?
a) August 16, 1743
b) August 16, 1782
c) August 16, 1843
d) August 16, 1882

2) After winning the WBC middleweight championship from Thomas Hearns, in 1988, what fighter lost in his next three “straight” bouts to regain the middleweight title against (in order) these opponents – Roberto Duran (WBC); Michael Nunn (IBF); Nigel Benn (WBO) 나스 파일?
a) Donald Curry
b) Chris Eubank
c) Iran Barkley
d) John Mugabi

3) What former boxing champion recorded the song “Y’ all Must Have Forgot” 다운로드?
a) Joe Frazier
b) Meldrick Taylor
c) Roy Jones Jr.
d) Hector Camacho

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