RING TRIVIA for September 2008

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1) What Gold Medal winner was voted the most outstanding boxer in the 1976 Olympics ?’

a) Howard Davis, Jr
b) Sugar Ray Leonard
c) Leo Randolph
d) Leon Spinks

2) Who beat Larry Holmes, in 1985, when he was just one win away from tying Rocky Marciano’s undefeated professional record of 49-0 다운로드?
a) Tim Witherspoon
b) Gerry Cooney
c) Mike Tyson
d) Michael Spinks

3) Jerry Quarry, in 1965, won the National Golden Gloves Championship winning all five of his bouts by knockout, who was his trainer 장기 무료 다운로드?
a) Gil Clancy
b) Harry Kabakoff
c) Johnny Flores
d) Bill Slayton

…answers will be posted for viewing on weekend of Sept 20-21, 2008

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