RING TRIVIA ~ the answers

1)  Who was the last American to win a Olympic gold medal in the heavyweight division 같이걸을까?
ANSWER is – Ray Mercer

2)  What former lightweight champion had the nickname “The Old Master ?
ANSWER is – Joe Gans

3)  What major pop singer had to cancel their concert date at New York’s Madison Square Garden to allow the Joe Frazier vs 다운로드. Muhammad Ali heavyweight championship bout on March 8, 1971 ?
ANSWER is – James Taylor

4)  What championship bout was the first million dollar gate gp pro download?
ANSWER is – Dempsey vs. Carpentier (1921)

5)  In his 46 bout career, who was the only fighter to have knocked down the great Salvador Sanchez 다운로드?
ANSWER is – Juan Escobar

NOTE: RING TRIVIA is a feature from  dmboxing.com  every three months

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