Ringside with Johnny O


(L to R)  Johnny Ortiz, Danny Lujan, David Martinez  (June 23, 2001) reporting on ESPN radio from Las Vegas, Nevada prior to WBC Super Welterweight Championship: Oscar De La Hoya vs 드림위버 cc 2017 다운로드. Javier Castillejo

I would like to share an excellent video ( click on blue colored link below ) interview of one of my best friends and mentors Johnny Ortiz 다운로드.

I have known Johnny for twenty years, and I consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable authorities in boxing that I have ever met wii 정발 게임. My fondest memories with him were the ten years we spent together in the World Boxing Hall of Fame as Board of Directors.  Also, we both had parts in the movie “After the Last Round” in 2009, and just hanging out with Johnny is delightful with his wealth of wisdom of life 다운로드.

Book CoverHis book “My Life Among The Icons” is a top seller and truly a great read 다운로드. For information regarding to purchase the book, you may contact his publisher AuthorHouse, at (888) 728-8467, ext 5023 and they will be happy to assist you wpf toolkit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Johnny Ortiz is a 2008 recipient of the California Boxing Hall of Fame and and has written many boxing related articles for publication 다운로드. He hosted the very first boxing radio talk show “Ringside with Johnny Ortiz” in Los Angeles, California from 1992 to 2004. He was co-owner of the Main Street Gym, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has many film credits on his resume hy 헤드 라인 m. Johnny is an honored United States Army veteran who served two years with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea.


video credit – Luke Benson

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