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RING TRIVIA for November 2010

윈도우 10 엣지 다운로드

1) Sugar Ray Robinson suffered his first defeat of his career to Jake LaMotta on  February 5, 1943 … the rematch for that fight would take place how many days later in same month 다운로드?

a) 7 days

b) 10 days

c) 14 days

d) 21 days

2) What Gold Medal winner was voted the most outstanding boxer in the 1976 Olympics 3d max 2017 vray download?

a) Howard Davis, Jr

b) Sugar Ray Leonard

c) Leo Randolph

d) Michael Spinks

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Why Bobby Chacon was Bad to the Bone

Bobby Chacon & David Martinez

photo taken June 2006

by Linda Dempsey Young

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Arturo Gatti was probably the warrior of this era 다운로드. Some of his battles, win or lose are becoming legendary. Rewind now back to early 1970′s to the mid 80′s. There was a boxer, a champion who was Gatti before there was a Gatti 다운로드. If anyone recalls Bobby ” Schoolboy ” Chacon they have to remember his blood and guts wars with Rafael ” Bazooka ” Limon and Cornelius Boza Edwards 중국 천둥 다운로드. He was a fine boxer but in many cases his heart over ruled his head and he decided to slug instead of box. It may have cost Bobby some fights but the fans sure got their money’s worth 다운로드. The got a lot highlight clip memories too.

Bobby was born in 1951 and he turned professional in 1972. He became an instant sensation winning his first 19 fights 레스토랑 게임. He fought fifteen times in 1972 alone! The streak continued into 1973. Along the way he defeated world title challengers Tury ” The Fury ” Pineda and Frankie Crawford 다운로드. He also stopped former champion Jesus ” Chucho ” Castillo. Only fourteen months into his pro career Bobby was matched with the great Ruben Olivares 미스터 선샤인 5화 다운로드. ” Rockabye ” Ruben took the ” Schoolboy ” to school that night halting Bobby in the ninth round.

To Chacon’s credit he bounced right back with four straight wins and into a showdown with hard punching crosstown rival Danny ” Little Red ” Lopez 파라노말 액티비티 2 다운로드. Danny’s older brother Ernie had twice challenged the outstanding Jose Napoles for the welterweight title. Now little brother Danny appeared ready for stardom 다운로드. Chacon derailed the Lopez Express this night. Bobby boxed beautifully and stopped a dead game but beaten Lopez in round nine. Lopez would recover and end up having a nice run as featherweight champion 다운로드. Why isn’t he in the International Boxing Hall Of Fame? Continue reading Why Bobby Chacon was Bad to the Bone

“Nobody Important is Fighting”

아프리카 다시 보기 다운로드

Chiquita Gonzalez
David Martinez
Michael Carbajal
(October 17, 2003)

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

The date was March 3, 1993, and the fight was between two superb boxers with a combined ring record of sixty-three wins andone loss: Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez (36-1) vs zebra designer pro 2. Michael “Manitas De Piedra” Carbajal (27-0) for the WBC/IBF Junior Flyweight Championship from the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

As I was gathering food and drinks to host the fight at my home, a friend called to tell me that he was not coming because (quote) Nobody Important is Fighting 향유기 다운로드!

To this day, I have never forgotten that CLASSIC statement… I actually say that to the people who think boxing is a dead sport but ask me, “so when is the next big fight?”
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유니파잉 소프트웨어 다운로드 다운로드

Muhammad Ali / Part Four

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

In part four of my six part series on Muhammad Ali, I will go back to almost the exact time when I started to follow boxing – 1961 다운로드. It was June of that year and I just celebrated my thirteenth birthday and as a young boy, I eagerly anticipated every boxing match and its results, as I still do today 다운로드.

Something else happened in June 1961 that would be a significant part of a young Cassius Clay’s (“aka” Muhammad Ali) life in boxing. One man, a wrestler, named Gorgeous George Wagner, would singly install the name “The Greatest” to Clay’s fame, and what came with that was his charisma and showmanship 다운로드.

A 19 year-old Clay was to have his seventh professional fight vs 다운로드. Duke Sabedong in Las Vegas. That same week, also in Las Vegas, Gorgeous George was to have a wrestling match vs. Freddie Blassie, with both being promoted by Mel “Red” Greb 맥 mysql.

When Greb brought boxer and wrestler to a local radio station studio to promote both events, Clay met George. Clay was first on the radio and quietly, in a low voice, predicted a knockout in his fight 아이패드 논문 다운로드. Then the 46 year-old George came on air and erupted loudly by saying: “I am the Gorgeous One! Not only am I the best wrestler, but the most beautiful man who ever lived 다운로드! If this bum I’m fighting messes up my pretty golden hair, I’ll tear his arm off! And if this punk beats me, I’ll take the next plane to Russia! But that will never happen, because I am the greatest 지렁이 키우기 게임 다운로드! Continue reading Muhammad Ali / Part Four


Jose Napoles & David Martinez (October 2006)

By Rick Farris

Throughout boxing history the welterweight division has been blessed with exceptional prizefighters 다운로드. Names such as Walker, Ross, McLarnin, Armstrong, Robinson, Griffith and Leonard are just a few of the greats that come to mind. However, another name cannot be overlooked when considering great 147 pounders, Jose Napoles 완행열차 다운로드.

Napoles’ nickname “Mantequilla” is the Spanish word for butter and anybody who had the pleasure of watching this brilliant boxer perform understands that Napoles’ style was as smooth as butter 다운로드. It was a style that combined great boxing skill, devastating punching power and cool control of the ring. It was a style that created trouble for any opponent he faced 다운로드. I’d have to say the best way to describe Napoles’ style is “timeless”. It was a style that could unravel the old timers and the new breed as well 다운로드.

I had the opportunity to watch this great welterweight’s career evolve into a world championship during the years I was boxing. Napoles started out as a lightweight, but had to take on the best junior welterweights and welterweights in the world in order to get fights 문문 물감 다운로드. Napoles beat them all in convincing fashion until finally, with the help of a great promoter, a champion finally gave him a title shot.

I’ll give a brief run down of Napoles early career, however, my story begins in 1968, about a year before he won the title 다운로드. Although I never boxed with Napoles, I know three men who challenged Mantequilla for the title. Ironically, all three of these welterweight contenders challenged Napoles for the crown twice 다운로드. Much of my opinion of Napoles is based on the words of these three men who know him far better than those of us who saw him from ringside or watched him train in the gym 다운로드. You get to know exactly how great a fighter is, or is not, after banging it out with him for fifteen rounds.

The three contenders whom I am referring to are Ernie “Indian Red” Lopez, Hedgeman Lewis and Armando Muniz 다운로드. All three were talented and tough welterweights during the 60’s and 70’s, and all three agree that they never fought anybody better than Jose Napoles.

Jose Napoles was born in Cuba on April 13, 1940. He made his pro boxing debut in 1958, at the age of 18, and fought the first four years of his professional career in Cuba. Between 1958 and 1961, Napoles put together a record of 17-1 (8 KO’s) before fleeing the regime of Fidel Castro and making his home in Mexico. Without the perils of living in a communist country, Napoles would now have a chance to make a name for himself in the world of boxing. Continue reading JOSE NAPOLES