The Boxing District


By David Martinez

I have been to many gyms in my boxing days since 1961 golden 6. How many in past fifty-plus years? Actually, I can’t count that high!

But – I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at the Boxing District Gym in Los Angeles a few months ago a 태그 다운로드. There I was greeted with kindness, and I met trainer Ronnie Essett.S41A2510

Ronnie is what I call the old school boxing trainer with as much expertise as you will find in any gym 다운로드. He is a former 2-time National Amateur Champion, member of the 1984 USA Olympic Boxing Team, NABF middleweight champion, fought three times in world title bouts, and had a thirteen year S41A3894successful professional career posting a ring record of 27 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws with 16 knockouts 다운로드. Aside from his boxing accomplishments, Ronnie is a wonderful human being and a true boxing icon in the sport.

IMG_20140103_165255758Upon another recent visit to the gym, I was able to meet owner Shawna M 카카오tv 영상 다운로드. Charles, PhD … who welcomed me with her hospitality and briefly toured me throughout the gym facilities. What caught my eye were the many “bigger than life” paintings displayed on the walls of the great boxing champions zeus.

The gym is located at 1190 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90019, and is open seven days a week for your boxing & fitness needs.

I would recommend that if you are in the southern California area, a visit to this gym is well worth it, especially if you would want to sign up for classes – they would surely accommodate you with their professionalism 다운로드.


IMG_20140103_164624676The gym hours (open 7 days a week) are: Monday- Friday 6am to 9pm … Saturday 6am to 6pm … Sunday 10am to 5pm.  For further information, their website address is; the phone number is (323) 936-BOXX(2699) 네임스캔.IMG_20140103_165455268IMG_20140103_164653581

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  1. What a fantastic looking place! I imagine it really “ups” a person’s view of a boxing gym.

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