The Greatest Lightweights of All Time

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

Over the many years that I have rated fighters in either different weight divisions or from their born countries, this 135 pound weight class is most likely the closest in overall talent 스위치 디아블로3 다운로드.

My usual format is ranking the top dozen (12) with a select group of honorable mentions, but in this division I will rank my top twenty (20) great lightweights 최신 코덱 다운로드.

My rating of boxers is based on the height, peak, prime, pinnacle of their careers as I see fit.  Who-beats-whom at different stages of their careers isn’t a factor in my “pound for pound” formula 다운로드.

There are many situations where one fighter loses to another, and I actually rate the losing fighter with a higher “pound for pound” ranking 코믹 메이플스토리 다운로드.

Some classic examples of my method are, and these are fighters that lost twice to their opponents: Gene Tunney beating Jack Dempsey, Sandy Saddler beating Willie Pep, Jim Jeffries beating Bob Fitzsimmons, Evander Holyfield beating Mike Tyson, Aaron Pryor beating Alexis Arguello, Rafael Herrera beating Ruben Olivares, Iran Barkley beating Tommy Hearns, Oscar De La Hoya beating Julio Cesar Chavez, Riddick Bowe beating Evander Holyfield, Fighting Harada beating Eder Jofre, and it goes on Netbus download!

In order, here are my top lightweights in boxing, with the listing of their active years and ring records. Please note that I do not double dip and only place fighters in one weight category. There other great fighters who can truly fit into this lightweight group, but I have placed them in other weight classes. The obvious five are: Henry Armstrong is #2 at welterweight, Alexis Arguello is #2 at junior lightweight, Julio Cesar Chavez is #1 at junior welterweight, Floyd Mayweather is #3 at junior lightweight, Hector Camacho is #5 at junior lightweight, and Barney Ross is #3 at welterweight.

1) Benny Leonard (1911-1932) 89-6-1 / 70 by KO

2) Roberto Duran (1968-200) 103-16 / 70 by KO

3) Joe Gans (1893-1909) 145-10-16 / 100 by KO

4) Tony Canzoneri (1925-1939) 137-24-10 /44 by KO

5) Ike Williams (1940-1955) 126-24-4 / 61 by KO

6) Pernell Whitaker (1984-2001) 40-4-1 / 17 by KO

7) Freddie Welsh (1905-1922) 74-5-7 / 34 by KO

8) Carlos Ortiz (1955-1972) 61-7-1 / 30 by KO

9) Lou Ambers (1932-1941) 89-8-7 / 28 by KO

10) Packey McFarland (1904-1915) 70-0-5 / 50 by KO

11) Battling Nelson (1896-1917) 59-19-22 / 40 by KO

12) Jack Blackburn (1900-1923) 47-9-11 / 34 by KO

13) Ad Wolgast (1906-1920) 6–13-17 / 40 by KO

14) Lew Tendler (1913-1928) 59-11-2 / 38 by KO

15) Beau Jack (1939-1955) 91-24-5 / 44 by KO

16) Bob Montgomery (1938-1950) 75-19-3 / 37 by KO

17) Jack McAuliffe (1885-1887) 28-0-10 / 20 by KO

18) Sammy Angott (1935-1950) 94-29-8 / 22 by KO

19) Owen Moran (1900-1916) 59-16-7 / 26 by KO

20) Pedro Montanez (1931-1940) 91-8-4 / 51 by KO    

Honorable mention: Willie Ritchie, Shane Mosley, George “Kid” Lavigne, Ken Buchanan, Ismael Laguna, Joe Brown.

My rankings in boxing are the perfect recipe for debates. I have never intended to try to convert others or change their opinions, as I respect others; they hopefully  respect me – thank you!

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