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*** FLASHBACK *** This article piece originally appeared on on June 6, 2019

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

Back when I was a kid in the fifties and sixties, I would come across a magazine called The Referee that was either at my father’s barber shop or at the local newsstands nearby 다운로드.

It was actually in 1961 that I would start to obtain these magazines to educate myself with boxing and wrestling. It was mainly a west coast publication that was published to serve as a fight program with updates for the upcoming various events 2017 엑셀 가계부 다운로드. It was available at fight venues as well as news-stands.

Although, I do not have every issue, the issues I have are certainly treasured collectables 까텔레나.

One of my favorite writers was a journalist from the Bay Area, Bryon “Speed” Reilly.

Although, Reilly’s expertise was actually baseball, he covered boxing with such truth and credibility that I consider him a pioneer that few today have ever heard of, let alone read any of his work 인터 스텔라 무료 다운로드.

Here’s is one of his pieces – dated February 1, 1964 – from The Referee Magazine (page 4) Volume 60 / #3 edition.


  1. I love reading these. It’s a publication that I had never heard of until seeing your posts about the fine publication.

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