Tyson Fury Demolishes Tom Schwarz in Two Rounds

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America and contributor to dmboxing.com since 2008

Tyson Fury put on a show in Vegas on Saturday night and sent a message to the rest of the heavyweights 규토 대제. Fury faced Tom Schwarz, an undefeated German heavyweight.  Schwarz was a heavy underdog but he probably thinking that maybe lightening would strike like it did Anthony Ruiz upset of Anthony Joshua.  The different between the two is Ruiz had faced top competition whereas Schwarz had not faced any topflight competition and stayed in his native Germany to fight plus two fights in the Czech Republic Apache ant download.
Fury threw jabs after the jabs at Schwarz as the German pursued Fury but not with effectiveness.  Fury jabs were accurate, and he had no problem hitting his target with his jab.  As the round progressed, the right hand followed the jab and he looked relaxed. 

In the second round, Fury came out in a southpaw stance and Schwarz looked totally confused as he chased Fury, but he looked more like he was chasing a ghost.  Fury unleashed the right jab with occasional right hook and straight left.  Schwarz thought he had Fury trapped in the corner, but Fury managed to deflect or dodge every punch 다운로드. Six punches came in Fury’s direction but Fury using his upper body, dodge every punch.  A jab followed by a straight punch sent Schwarz down for a five count, but it was only a matter of time as Schwarz’s nose looked a bloody mess.  Fury trapped Schwarz in the corner as time was running out of the round and landed multiple punches.  Schwarz merely covered up and the referee stopped the fight 다운로드.

This was a mismatch from the opening bell and Schwarz looked the part of an opponent, but Fury foot movement looked divine as he merely danced around the ring with no worry.  He had no worry of being knocked out since he was barely touched.  Against Schwarz, Fury had an easy time and certainly, he found out quickly that he had nothing to fear Pump it up prime 2 download.

While the latest buzz has Fury being the best heavyweight, that is up for grab.  While he may have out boxed Wilder and confused him, Wilder also showed he has the power to send Fury down.  Twice Fury almost didn’t make the count against Wilder right hand and the fight was far closer than the Schwarz was.  I will add that Wilder demolished Dominic Breazeale in one round and Breazeale was higher caliber fighter than Schwarz. (Breazeale had already fought for a championship against Anthony Joshua.)

In the aftermath of the Joshua win, Ruiz holds three of the belts. If Ruiz is tempted to fight either Wilder or Fury as opposed to Joshua, he will be the underdog against both. Ruiz also showed he is a tough customer and he does have the power to hurt either fighter or he would put intense pressure on both.  Fury may not easily dance away from Ruiz pressure as he did against Schwarz.

Which leaves the big question, do either Fury or Wilder go after Ruiz in a bout that is certainly a risky enterprise to gain Ruiz’s belts or Wilder and Fury go after each other.  It would be intriguing match up since both fighters would have to work on their weakness and figure out adjustments. Ruiz may end up giving Joshua a second chance in a rematch. Both of these fights may act as a semi-final to a the ultimate showdown for all of the belts in one night. 

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