What’s My Line


This popular panel game show ran on CBS-TV from 1950 to 1967 다운로드. This is Sugar Ray Robinson – the show was shot on July 1, 1956 – almost 57 years ago. Sugar Ray is considered the greatest boxer of all time in any weight class by experts in boxing 인디자인 cs5 다운로드. The phrase “pound for pound” was invented just for him when they compare any boxer of any era. I am sharing a photo that he autographed for me at a local amateur boxing show in my home town of Santa Barbara, California in 1986 웹 디렉토리 다운로드. This photo was taken in New York on September 23, 1958; he is with Hogan “Kid” Bassey (left) displaying their world championship belts 나스로. Click below on link to view: What’s My Line episode.


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