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  1. I want to see a good article by you on Jose Sulaiman. RIP!!!!! He did a lot for the mexican fighters…..Especially the Greatest of all time….Julio Cesar Chavez!!!!!

    Hope all is well David. I’m busy with work right now….but I will try to make it once a week in there.


  2. David, I’m a good friend of Pat Mahoney, we met at the IBHOF in Canastota NY, I live in Canada, my brother Paul and I are true blue boxing fans. We’ve been attending the IBHOF weekend ceremonies for the last 20 yrs., going this year as well. With the Latino theme should be a good venue, Oscar Dela Hoya, Felix Trinidad being inducted!
    Have a good one !

  3. Just wanted to thank David for all his hard work in keeping us informed and posted on the California boxing scene . My aunts brother is Ruben Navarro known as the Marravilla kid and my wife’s uncle was rudy cruz ,we were fortunate enough to attend his induction into the California boxing hall of fame .All made possible by all the hard work by people like you and you’re colleag’s please keep up the good work and know that many of us follow but don’t blog thanks Art Sanchez

  4. Hello, my dad was a boxer named Lou Valles. He fought from 1945 to 1954. I am trying to locate fight films of him. I know that he fought on TV in the fifties. He also fought on the under card of Graziano and zale at Yankee Stadium. Is there any way to get fight films of him??? Please, all your help is greatly appreciated..

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for the following;
    Fight films of Jose Cotero Vs. Ricardo Moreno LA 1957
    Any pictures of Jose Luis Cotero
    Anything On Willie Lucero
    Anything on Ramon Tiscareno
    Anything on Armando Cotero
    Fight Films on Cassius Clay Vs. Alajandro Lavarante

  6. Hello,

    I’m doing research on a rare, original panoramic photo dated 1910. “The Jeffries -Johnson” July 4 Title Match.-
    70 inches long by 19 wide, dated 1910.

    Do you happen to know of any institutions or collectors that might have interest in purchasing such a photo? Thank you so much! Cindy Baker-314-629-5582

  7. Thank You for your input … your photo piece sounds great … I have many such – but not as yours related to Johnson vs. Jeffries 1910 fight in my collection … how much are you asking price?

  8. Dear David, thank you so much for the two boxing newsletters you sent to me recently via snail mail; I was pleasantly surprised ! Thanks for that and all you do for boxing and boxers… Hugs to u and Cely 👍🌹👍

  9. doing a article on Jesse Valdez the 1972 Olympian he mentioned a David Martinez as one of the boxers he looked up to can I ask the period of time you boxed, record etc?

    this isn’t for a comment to be posted I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you

  10. Hello David I was given your name by a local trainer . My grands father was a local boxer in the 1920s1930s he went by the name of The Kangaroo Kid , can you help with any record or challengers he fought also pictures .

  11. Thank You – for your question – I get tons & its always a pleasure to help … unfortunately this is one I can not honestly answer … most of my contacts from the era of 20’s and 30’s have passed on … as a kid I learned a lot from them about local boxing in Santa Barbara … plus fighters who fought here at the old Mission Arena … Kangaroo Kid wasn’t one one of them …

  12. Hello, I (Rudy De La Fuente) had the pleasure of meeting you along with my family members , boxing names, Ramon Fuentes, Orlando De La Fuentes and some other of my family members at the cal hof boxing induction. Anyway, hope you’re doing well and I was wondering if you have any info on my Uncle, Tony “kid shine” Fuentes. He was a heavyweight contender and had an exhibition bout with Jack Dempsey in which he floored him. He also was in line for a title bout if he beat Fred Fulton, but Fulton took a dive in the first and the Carson, Ca crowd rioted. A D.A. investigation occurred and the rest is history. My Uncle never got he shot. Any other info would be appreciated. You are a boxing treasure.

    Gratefully yours,

  13. Your uncle Tony was surely a decent heavyweight back in his career – the twenties & thirties – I wasn’t aware he floored Dempsey in a exhibition match … the Fulton fight was actually in Culver City, CA … thanks for your comment – much appreciated!

  14. Trivia time, what boxer did Bundini Brown have a long term relationship with BEFORE Ali? No cheating!

  15. NO cheating? how long have you known me … I don’t cheat when it comes to boxing – it’s all about honesty & credibility – your answer that I actually got straight from Millie Robinson 35 years ago – is her husband Sugar Ray Robinson!

  16. are you interested in a complementary copy of Latino Boxing in Southern California by Gene Aguilera 2018? Saw your post in the mesa paper that drifted up to San Roque.

  17. My father, Hugh Franklin Sublett was President of this organization for many years. He passed 12/12/2005. Is refreshing to see the guys still active.

  18. Rick Valles, I have a poster of your dad’s fight at Ridgewood Grove against Sonny Levitt Sat. may 5. It has a pic of your dad in his fighting stance.

  19. Hello David, I saw your ad in the Carpinteria Coastal View News and from that I found your website. My Dad was John Cabrera who was a fixture in the Los Angeles boxing community in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was a manager, trainer, cornerman and matchmaker. His end swell and cut medicine were always in our fridge and every Thursday night he’d take them with him to the Olympic Auditorium (I still remember the phone number: RI9-5171). He was working for Bob Arum and Bruce Trampler at Top Rank before his untimely passing. He was inducted posthumously into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. He worked with many boxers including Frankie “Huero” Duarte, Gonzalo “Mony” Montellano, Jack “The Ripper” Alvarez, Johnny “Bang Bang” Jensen, “Tiger” Noji, Renato Garcia, Oscar “Shotgun” Albarado. I have lots of good memories and stories from those days. Keep up the good work and watch out for “el gancho izquierdo”!

  20. David,

    I continue to look at your teriffic site …It’s in our blood.


    Steve Corbo’s friend from the wedding in Chicago


  21. Kudos to David & DM Boxing for all the great information hey provide. Look forward to many more years.

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