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Howard “Kayo” Smith

***** FLASHBACK ***** In loving memory and respect to our friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) this article piece was originally published on www.dmboxing for viewing on May 15, 2010 다운로드. In remembrance of Jim, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be located by clicking onto his name in the Categories section. He came on board to dmboxing in 2008 and truly contributed the best of the best in boxing 샹젤리제 다운로드. Jim was truly respected world-wide by many as a boxing historian and sports collector, he passed away in Ashland, Ohio on February 22, 2021, after a bout with cancer at the age of 66 다운로드. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord.

(Photo – David Martinez & Howard Smith)

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

When a fighter earns the nickname “Kayo”, it’s safe to assume he’s a pretty dangerous guy  다운로드. Howard Smith met and defeated some top tier heavyweights in the 1970’s. Yes he could bang with the best of them.

Howard turned professional in 1971 and suffered a defeat in his fourth pro fight  다운로드. He bounced right back in 1972 halting future world champion Mike Weaver in three rounds. Next he outscored Weaver in a return match. In 1973 Howard pounded out a decision over Jack “The Giant” O’Halloran . Smith was moving up in the heavyweight rankings in 1974 with KO wins over Tony Doyle and O’Halloran in a rematch. Howard leaped over another hurdle in 1975 with a fifth round stoppage of the respected Larry Middleton . In 1976 Smith won a split decision over the smooth boxing Johnny Boudreaux.

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Roy Jones Jr. versus the 70’s and 80’s


*** FLASHBACK *** In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published on July 11, 2013 on

In remembrance of Jim, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 해리포터와 죽음의 성물 2 다운로드. He came on board to in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord.

ROY vs -crop

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Where would Roy Jones Jr. have fit in during the talent rich 70’s and early 80’s 다운로드? I have picked who, in my opinion, were the ten best light heavyweights of that time period. Eight were champions and two were long time contenders. I then matched each against Roy in scheduled fifteen round bouts as they were back then 다운로드. Based on my recollections of these boxers talents, I have formed the following scenarios.

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Sir Henry Cooper

FLASHBACK – In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published dated October 11, 2014 on

In remembrance of Jim Amato, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 다운로드. He came on board to dmboxing in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord 다운로드.

Sir Henry Cooper0002

By Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer)

He came from a fighting family and by the time his boxing career ended in 1971 he was the most beloved British boxer of all time  다운로드. Only once did he challenge for the world’s title but he dominated the British heavyweight scene for over fifteen years. His popularity soared even more after retirement and eventually the Queen of England knighted him  다운로드. Sir Henry Cooper was more than just a British fighter. He was a fine example of what British boxing is all about. 

Henry’s professional career started in September of 1954 and he proceeded to win his first nine fights including an eight round points win over Joe Bygraves  다운로드. In Henry’s tenth bout he lost the first of many bouts due to an eye cut to Uber Bacilleri. He would later avenge that loss. The roller coaster career of Henry Cooper had now begun. He would drop a ten rounder to Joe Erskine and stop Brian London in one round only to lose in five to Peter Bates. 1955 was a rough year for Henry as Bygraves kayoed him for the British Empire title. Future world champion Ingemar Johansson then bombed him out. Joe Erskine then outscored him for the British title. Henry began to turn things around late in 1958 with a stoppage over Dick Richardson and a point win over respected American Zora Folley. He finally won the British and Empire titles by decision over Brian London in 1959. He halted Gawie de Klerk in an Empire defense and defended both titles by a fifth round stoppage of Joe Erskine. In 1960 Henry scored important decision victories of Roy Harris and Alex Mitiff. He again defended his titles by a fifth round stoppage of Erskine in March of 1961. On December 5, 1961 Henry suffered a major setback when Folley kayoed him in the second round of their rematch.

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Remembering Three Icons of Boxing

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In the past sixty-three years, starting in January 1961 when my taste and passion for boxing was ignited, I have met many boxers and other interesting people 레지던트 이블 파멸의 날.

There were three that intrigued me with their amazing knowledge of the history of the sport, and we became great friends whom I will never forget Ms office access download. They were (R.I.P.) Al Nelson, Don Fraser and Harold Lederman.


Al was curator of the Jeffries Museum Barn located at Knott’s Berry Farm 스토브리그 8회 다운로드. I came to know him through my friend, Gary Ballin, in the late 1960’s. Nelson was a living icon and boxing historian from the turn of the 20th Century in the Jim Jeffries, Jack Johnson, and Bob Fitzsimmons era ubuntu 16.04 lts. I would take it upon myself to make many visits, driving the 200 plus round-trip miles from my Santa Barbara home to visit him in Buena Park, California 공장초기화. He was certainly a wealth of boxing history, and I treasured the times with him and the education he gave me from his life experiences.

I remember a few highlights from our talks. He stated that Bob Fitzsimmons was the hardest puncher of his time, that Jim Corbett was a complete master in the ring and, although Jim Jeffries was his favorite, Jack Johnson at his prime was the best of the heavyweights.

Just before he passed away, Al gave me photos and booklets; but the greatest gift, besides his friendship, was an original cigar box cover circa 1900 with the image of undefeated heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries on it.

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Canelo vs. Dinero

FLASHBACK *** In loving memory and respect to my great friend Johnny Ortiz (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece – dated September 13, 2013 – that was originally published 10 years ago on prior and regarding the Floyd Mayweather Jr 등장 효과음 다운로드. vs. Canelo Alvarez, WBA “super” junior middleweight and WBC super welterweight championship fight – taking place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas c# ftp 폴더 다운로드.

In remembrance of Johnny Ortiz, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 배틀그라운드 컴퓨터. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord.

Ringside with Johnny Ortiz

Canelo Alvarez and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will engage one another on Saturday, September 14 클레어의 카메라 다운로드. It’s the fight that is being billed as “the one” due to the fact that it is without a doubt the one that fight fans have been anxiously awaiting. 

This championship fight has all of the ingredients of a fight classic, youth vs 매킨토시. age, power vs. ring generalship, Floyd or Canelo’s “O” must go and the winner will leave the ring regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing .

When the fight was originally signed, I leaned toward Mayweather as the winner but I have since changed my total outlook on the fight.  In the beginning I felt that the elusiveness and the overall knowledge of the ring were greatly in Floyd’s favor.

Since that time and relying on my knowledge of boxing, a knowledge that dates back to the first time my older brother Phil (who twice fought the greatest bantamweight champion of them all, Manuel Ortiz) took me to the original Main St. Gym when I was a mere nine years old, the same gym of my youth that I would one day co-own until its demise after 51 years in operation.  I have been a fighter, trainer and a manager . I went on to host my own radio boxing show on ESPN for twelve years.  This brief summary is to let you know something of my background in boxing.

The more I thought about the fight, the more I began to differ from my original choice in the fight.  The first thing had to do with age, Floyd being 36 years of age differed greatly from Canelo’s being a mere 23 years old.  Thirty six is not considered old if you are a heavyweight but for a blown up welterweight it is an age Floyd cannot dismiss.  Granted, Floyd is a rarity in boxing, he is always in phenomenal shape and he still fights like someone in their twenties.  In reality he cannot change the fact that he is indeed 36 years of age.  Age has a way of one day catching up with you.  Canelo, on the flip side of the coin is a mere 23 years of age.  Therein is a discrepancy of thirteen years. Where one is nearing the end of an unreal, brilliant career, the other one is just beginning.

Another thing to consider is the fact that Floyd has had 44 fights without a defeat, Canalo, being 13 years younger, has had 43 fights without a defeat, one fight less than Floyd. What it boils down to in my mind is it’s a fight between youth against age and power against experience. I remember as a kid at the old Main St . Gym, always hearing the old timers saying that youth must be served, that a good young fighter will most always beat a good old fighter.  Floyd Mayweather may well be the exception to the rule. He is always in marvelous condition as is Canelo.  As I mentioned, Floyd is undefeated as is Canelo. 

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DREAM FIGHT: Carlos Monzon vs. Gene Fullmer

FLASHBACK – In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published 14 years ago (October 4, 2009) on

In remembrance of Jim Amato, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 다운로드. He came on board to dmboxing in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord 다운로드.

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Two of the strongest middleweights to ever lace up the gloves square off for a battle of the ages 이마트 모바일 다운로드. Carlos Monzon of Argentina. Tall, lean but deceptively strong with a thudding left jab and a thumping right cross.

Gene Fullmer of Utah 다운로드. Barrel chested and bull strong. Awkwardly aggressive but effective, especially on the inside. This should be a real crowd pleasing affair.

ROUND 1 – Monzon meets the onrushing Fullmer quickly with a stiff left jab  첨밀밀 영화 다운로드. Gene partially blocks Monzon’s right hand and bulldozes Carlos to the ropes landing a few body shots. The referee breaks the fighters. Back at mid ring Carlos lands two left jabs and then a straight right. Fullmer again moves Monzon to the ropes and Carlos appears to be surprised by Fullmer’s strength. Carlos leans back on the ropes to avoid any head shots but exposes his body. An inviting target for Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 2 – Monzon is hitting Gene with some ramrod jabs but Fullmer keeps coming. The referee warns Fullmer for a low blow . A lot of clinching and mauling but the Monzon jab is beginning to redden the face of Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 3 – Carlos opens the round with a hard overhand right but Fullmer does not even wince. Monzon continues to be effective with the jab. When Gene does get inside, Monzon ties him up. Carlos is dictating the pace of the fight. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 4 – Fullmer’s manager Marv Jensen tells Gene to ” pick up the pace “. Fullmer does just that as he is forcing Carlos into some dangerous exchanges . Fullmer punches from odd angles and he connects with a couple of nice, clubbing rights that get Monzon’s attention. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 5 – Gene continues to force the action as Carlos attempts to establish his jab once again. Fullmer now sports a small nick under his right eye. Gene is pounding the body whenever possible. Still it looks like Monzon has regained the upper hand. ROUND – Monzon.

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Eddie Perkins – R.I.P.

FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on May 15, 2012 for viewing

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In the fifty plus years I have been connected to boxing, I have been blessed to have met some wonderful people in the sport and Eddie Perkins is one of those wonderful people 암살교실 1기 다운로드. Eddie passed away on the evening of May 10, 2012 at his home surrounded by family; he was 75.

I had the esteemed honor to be chosen to be Eddie’s presenter when he was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on October 14, 2006 다운로드. His wife, Annie, and his entire family were present and it was such a pleasure meeting this loving family. For that event I put together Eddie’s bio for the official program regarding his induction into boxing’s elite and would now like to bring back what I wrote in 2006 honoring Eddie creo 3.0 다운로드.

Services for Eddie will be at the Midwest Memorial Chapel, 5040 South Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois on Saturday May 19, 2012 at 10am. 

May his soul rest in peace in heaven with the Lord 다운로드.

Eddie Perkins might just have been the best welterweight champion that many boxing fans never knew about, he fought for three decades against the top rated contenders of his time and about half of his 97 bouts were fought in various foreign countries outside the United States 엘지 브릿지 다운로드. All seven of his Junior Welterweight title fights (1961-1965) were fought outside the United States.

Eddie was born in Mississippi and moved to the windy city of Chicago when he was four years old and had an amateur bout span of 46 fights before turning pro in 1956, known though out his career as a very slick boxer and counter puncher, was only stopped once (Al Urbina in Mexico City 11-28-59) in 98 professional bouts as a professional.

Eddie’s first bid for a world title in October 1961 was against Duilo Loi, who only had two losses on his ring record in 113 fights. The bout was in Loi’s home town of Milan, Italy and it resulted in a 15 round draw – thus Loi retaining his title.

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The Eight Man Elimination Tournament

FLASHBACK – In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published on on May 11, 2009

Official Program / August 1967 / Courtesy From David Martinez Collection

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

This past April 27th marked the 41st anniversary of one of the World Boxing Association’s crowning achievements 축구동영상 다운로드. The grand finale of their eight man elimination tournament to find a successor for the deposed Muhammad Ali.

Acting with the swiftness matched only by Mr 삼국지 12 다운로드. Dooley of the New York State Athletic Commission, the W.B.A. immediately stripped Ali of his crown when he refused induction into the Armed Forces. Eight ranking contenders were chosen to box off for the ultimate prize, the heavyweight championship of the world  스타 립버전 다운로드. The fortunate eight were: former champion Floyd Patterson, Ex W.B.A. titleholder Ernie Terrell, the Argentine strongman Oscar Bonevena, the fast rising Californian Thad Spencer, Angelo Dundee’s hopeful Jimmy Ellis, the “White Hope” sensation Jerry Quarry, 1964 Gold Medalist Joe Frazier, and Europe’s entry Karl Mildenberger of Germany 다운로드. Frazier, the #1 contender by virtue of his fine record since turning pro declined the W.B.A.’s invitation. The W.B.A. then inserted Leotis Martin to take his place 다운로드.

The elimination tourney was scoffed at then and even today it is still scrutinized. What if the Vietnam War would not have wanted or needed Ali ? What if Ali who had already “cleaned up” the division had remained active? Remember Ali defeated Paterson, Terrell and Mildenberger before he was forced to abdicate. He then won two out of three against Frazier and two over Quarry. He beat Patterson again and also whipped Bonevena and Ellis after a three year hiatus. Let’s say Ali remained active through 1970. He might have met Frazier as early as 1969. Joe would have been facing a lean, active and sharp Ali not the slow and rusty version he met in their 1971 epic . Also remember Joe would have had two years less experience then what he carried in 1971 . In 1969, Frazier was not yet the polished fighting machine he was to become. In my opinion the Frazier of March 8, 1971, would have given any heavyweight in history a life and death struggle including a prime Ali.

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In Rusty’s Corner – In Memory

FLASHBACK – In memory of Rusty Rubin, one of my dearest friends, and that actually was my first boxing writer contributor to back in July 2007 다운로드. Upon meeting Rusty in 1997 we stayed in contact through the years and I was so honored to have written several articles and fight results for his RingSports Magazine 다운로드. Here’s sharing his last article piece that was published on October 6, 2014 … Rusty passed away on November 11, 2014, at the age of 72, peacefully at his home in Reno, Nevada 프리미어 프로 무료 다운로드. He is truly missed by many and may his soul continue to rest in heaven with the Lord!

Rubin 0001-crop

Rusty Rubin is an award winning boxing writer, covering the sweet science for more than 35 years centos iso 파일.

For my wedding present to David Martinez, along with my congratulations and support, I offer this column.


The fight is a challenging one to predict 갱스터 리오 버그 판. The one thing we can say with reasonable certainty is that it will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 18.

This is a fight between the strong European power puncher Genedy Golovkin and veteran Marco Antonio Rubio .

Rubio, 34, has a two year advantage on Golovkin, stands a half inch shorter and shares the same reach. No real advantage for either one.

The hard-punching Golovkin is 30-0, with 27 coming by way of knockouts. Rubio has more experience with a 59-6-1 mark and 51 knockouts, certainly no slouch.

This fight is for WBA super middleweight title, the IBO middleweight championship and the interim WBC middleweight title.

So how do you predict a fight like this ? Rubio has fought better foes, but he is growing a bit long in the tooth and all those fights probably has taken a bit out of him.

All the stats are pretty much the same, and I don’t like predicting draws. Will Golovkin’s power make the difference, or will Rubio’s experience save the day?

I’ve got to go somewhere here, so I’ll just predict that youth must be served. Golovkin by knockout.***

On a further newsworthy issue, my good friend and head of the BWAA for twenty years is stepping down after doing yeoman’s work for the eight extra rounds . He goes out a winner. Well done, Jack.

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Ken Thompson (R.I.P.)

레지던트 이블 파멸의 날

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

A dear friend and iconic boxing promoter and CEO of Thompson Promotions, Ken Thompson, recently passed away at the age of 85 롤코타.

Ken was loved by all that knew him, and his greatest gift was his kindness and generosity to those that were connected with him in life.

I was certainly blessed and honored to have served as boxing historian under his presidential leadership during his two terms (1999 – 2000 & 2001 – 2002) tenure at the helm of World Boxing Hall of Fame 다운로드. His presence certainly bought the utmost honestly and credibility to the organization.

Born in Lubbuck, Texas, his love for boxing began at a young age, and he carried that passion to heights beyond belief for everyone involved in the sport 터보 클리너 다운로드.

He will be remembered always. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord.

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