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"Bringing the UK to you"

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I am so very delighted to be able to provide a new website link from the United Kingdom, on to my website, for my growing fan base 웹페이지 이미지 다운로드.
Let me introduce Brian Hughes, MBE-boxing coach for 45 years from the Collyhurst & Moston Lads Club, and author of many sporting books, which are offered on his site 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시 2 ost. Here is a short bio sent to me from Brian:


I am Brian Hughes, 68 years of age. Born and raised in Collyhurst, a rough inner city area of Manchester 다운로드.

I boxed amateur but trained with the professionals in Jack Bates’ gym. (I saw my idols there, Johnny King, Jock McAvoy and Jackie Brown, these are the 3 who I wrote books about)

At 21 I started coaching boxing at Collyhurst Lads Club in Manchester 트러블 스위치 paid 다운로드. I’ve been Chief Coach here for 45 years.

In this time I have produced Schoolboy, Youth and Senior ABA champions and 2 of my lads were in the Olympic Games and as a professional trainer produced British, European, Commonwealth and eight world champions 다운로드.

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