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Canelo “Unanimous” Decision Over Munguia

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) and much respected contributor to since 2008

Jamie Munguia faced his toughest fight in his 44th fight against one of the best fighters of this generation, Canelo Alvarez and Munguia would be part of an Alvarez tradition of the Cinco de Mayo weekend where Alvarez was 9-1 with his only loss to undefeated light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol.  This was the first time two Mexican fighters fought for an undisputed championship fight 다운로드. And this was the first super Middleweight championship bout featuring two Mexican born fighters and in fact this was the first world title bout above 160 pounds featuring two Mexican fighters.  So, this weekend history was being made odbc.

Munguia took the center as the crowd was excited.  Munguia jabs to set the range and starts aggressively framework 4.0. Canelo goes to the body with a glancing right while Munguia jab looks fast as he jabs to the body and ties up Alvarez as Alvarez comes forward. Alavarez lands left hooks to the body and then lands a right hand to the other side.  Munguia wants this to be a brawl 다운로드.

Alvarez in the second round takes the middle of ring but Munguia is letting his punches earlier and landing jabs.  Munguia landing straight punches and forcing Canelo to lean back but Canelo work the body 안녕자두야 다운로드.  The score was 10-9 and 20-1 after two rounds.

Munguia pumping jab and following with right hand plus doubles up on left hook that cracked Canelo midsection.  Both men trade punches and Munguia throwing punches plenty of volume while cutting off the ring as he took the third round. Munguia using great head movement and throws punches in volume at the beginning of the fourth round but Canelo landed hooks to the body with upper cuts and sent Munguia down with a left hook and uppercut in the fourth round.  Alvarez won the fifth round with his body shots and cleaner punching After five rounds, I had it 49-44.

Canelo using left hook to counter Munguia jab and Canelo connected 1-2 and left hook along with body shot in the sixth round and at the halfway mark, Canelo landed 65 power shots and connecting at 47 percent  versus Munguia 42 power shots and only connecting at 30 percent.

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Fundora Defeats Tszyu – in Las Vegas – bloody Twelve Round Split Decision Win

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America and respected contributor to since 2008

Tim Tszyu fight with Keith Thurman was canceled but Sebastian Fundora ended up  the new challenger for the 154 titles 다운로드.  While Tszyu was already talking about an Errol Spence, Jr. fight, Fundora represents a significant challenge and may even been a tougher opponent than Thurman.  At 6’5”, he had the height advantage over Tsyzu which he used to his advantage in the fight 다운로드.

Tsyzu, who is the son of Hall of Fame fighter Kostya Tszyu, headlined his first big PPV card on U.S. soils on Prime Video.  Fundora, who was scheduled to fight Serhii Bohachuk, moved up to replace Thruman and for the rest of the story, Brian Mendoza replaced Fundora in fighting Bohachuk.  Bohachuk did in fact do what Tsyzu did, beat Mendoza in a decision.  (Mendoza did stop Fundora in their fight but has now lost two in a row to Bohachuk and Tsyzu.)  Bohachuk dominated the fight and the scorecard reflected that as he won 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110.  He dominated the fight, out landing Mendoza 319-168 punches over the twelve rounds, double the jab and double the power shots and more accurate overall 38 percent to 33 percent 윈도우 10 rs3 다운로드. Bohachuk is now looking to fighting the winner of Fundora-Tsyzu. 

I was not aware ErisLandy Lara was still fighting. Just joking but he is the oldest champion as he defended his WBA middleweight champion with an easy two round stoppage of Michael Zerafa 윈도우 10 스팀 다운로드.  He has now recorded three straight knockouts.

Now for the main event as Tszyu tried to find the range against Fundora who established his jab.   Tszyu used his right to the body but shots a right to the head failed to connect 제빵왕 김탁구 다운로드. Finally, he connected with a right to snap Fundora head back. The second round saw a double jab from Fundora as Tszyu jab landed in the body and he managed to land a right hand to the Fundora head.  Fundora bleeding from Tszyu shot and after two rounds, Tszyu up 20-18.

Tszyu gets nailed by an accidental elbow, and blood flowing from his scalps blinded him throughout the rest of the fight. Fundora lands shots as blood stream into Tszyu’s eye. Near the end of the round, both fighters trade shots at center ring and Tszyu lands a straight right.  The bloodbath continued for both fighters as Tszyu was still wiping blood from his eyes and Fundora took advantage as after four rounds he was tied on my score card, but he is also a bloody mess.

Tszyu landed right hand to the body but got nailed by hard left from Fundora.  Tszyu partially landed left hand while Fundora lands his shot as Tszyu partial vision is making it difficult to see punches.  He does land a decent left hand and buckled Fundora.  Tszyu starts the six with right hand to the body and these body shots are hard shots, but Fundora is landing stiff jabs.  Tszyu lands body shots with right and left while Fundora used his height and Tszyu blood.  At the halfway mark, Tszyu is up by 58-56 but these are close rounds.

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Buatis Defeats Azeez / London Fight (2-3-24) … Benn Defeats Dobson / Las Vegas Fight (2-3-24)


By Ton Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Joshua Buatis defeated Dan Azeez in what was called a light heavyweight eliminator in a 12-round decision as judges scored it 116-100, 117-109 and 117-109.   Buatis is now 18-0 with thirteen stoppages and is in line with the winner of the Beterview vs Bivol. 


Buatis’ bodywork and quick left hand proved decisive in the fight and added two knock downs in round eleven.  This was a clear victory for Buatis as his power punching was the difference as he connected on 35 percent of them and landed 152 power shot to seventy-two for Azeez. 

Buatis’ power punching was the difference, as he out landed Azeez 152-72, hitting on 35% and throwing one hundred more 다운로드. Buatis also landed fifty-two body shots whereas Azeez landed a few more jabs.   Overall, a good fight. 

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Munguia Stops Ryder – Round 9

패션오브 크라이스트 다운로드

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Jaime Munguia faced John Ryder for the WBC Silver Super Middleweight championship.  Munguia started fast and Ryder attacked as much as he defended as Ryder landed a right hook while Munguia left hook landed on top.   I gave the first round to Munguia and Munguia started the second round with a vicious attack and as Ryder attempted to short uppercut, Munguia landed an aright hook and then followed up with combination that sent Ryder down.  Munguia now led 20-17 on my scorecard cython 다운로드.

Munguia starts the third round fast looking to end the fight, but Ryder does nail him with two solids shots  Ryder went down a second time, but the referee rules a slip but in the fourth round Ryder stops Munguia in his trace with a huge left and both fighters exchange bombs.  Just as Ryder looks like he is gaining momentum and throws a big right-hand haymaker, he gets countered and down he went again and this time the referee rules it knockdown 윈도우 8.1 한글 언어 팩 다운로드.

After four rounds, it is 40-34 for Munguia and Ryder was in a big hole and CompuBox has Munguia landing twenty-nine power shots to Ryder 18 after three rounds 다운로드.

Going into the fifth round, Ryder needed to make drastic changes as he was behind on points and the problem for Ryder is that he didn’t have the power of Munguia who staggered Ryder in an exchange.  Munguia was coming through Ryder’s punches, but Ryder had no choice but to keep fighting if he wanted a chance to win 다운로드. After five it was 50-43.

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Benavidez Stops Andrade – AND – Charlo Wins Comeback Fight

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

David Benavidez wants a big fight with Canelo Alvarez, and he decided to fight the slick boxing Demetrius Andrade who is one of the most avoided fighters to stay busy.  Andrade reminded me of Ronald “Winky Wright “ who was equally avoided since he was a slick boxer that no one really wanted to tangle with.  He eventually fought Shane Mosley who just finished beating Oscar De La Hoya twice and looking for a big fight with Felix Trinidad.  Wright upset Mosley and Andrade was hoping to do the same to Benavidez 콜린스 사전 다운로드.

For Benavidez, this fight was designed to show case his skills and force a bigger fight with Alvarez. He needed a big name on his resume.  Benavidez is coming off a victory over Caleb Plant and he won his last seven of his past ten victories  by stoppage and Andrade was his steppingstone to Alvarez 다운로드.

The first round saw Andrade boxing and moving as Benavidez couldn’t find his prey to overwhelm him and in the second round Andrade even prove to be aggressor as he unleashed his own ten punch combination and after three rounds I had Andrade up three rounds to zero 다운로드.  He out landed Benavidez 32 punches to 21 punches.   It looked like it might be competitive, but the fourth round changed all that.

Starting in the fourth round, Benavidez took over the fight.  Benavidez turned the table and dominated the last three rounds as he landed 96 punches to Andrade 36.  Andrade opponents in past fights landed an average 5.4 punches per round but Benavidez landed 20 punches per round in this fight with most of those punches landing in the fourth, fifth and sixth round 다운로드.

Benavidez started to control the fight in the fourth round and at the end of the round, a right hand sent Andrade down before the bell rang ended the round 다운로드.

Over the next two rounds, it was just Benavidez who simply dominated the fight as Andrade weakened and no longer capable of hurting Benavidez who kept pouring it on.  The fight was stopped after the sixth round as it became apparent to Andrade’s corner this fight was over.

Next fight that Benavidez wants is Alvarez and that will be a great fight, two sluggers against one another but Benavidez is the bigger and younger fighter.

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Pages From The Scrapbook #26

라이브 7화 다운로드

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In this edition of “Pages From The Scrapbook” features my pre-fight article piece – dated January 29, 1982 – on the Wilfred Benitez vs 튀어 나와요 동물 의 숲 다운로드. Roberto Duran WBC Junior Middleweight Championship fight – which was published in the Santa Barbara News Press on January 29, 1982.

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DREAM FIGHT: Carlos Monzon vs. Gene Fullmer

FLASHBACK – In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published 14 years ago (October 4, 2009) on

In remembrance of Jim Amato, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 다운로드. He came on board to dmboxing in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord 다운로드.

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Two of the strongest middleweights to ever lace up the gloves square off for a battle of the ages 이마트 모바일 다운로드. Carlos Monzon of Argentina. Tall, lean but deceptively strong with a thudding left jab and a thumping right cross.

Gene Fullmer of Utah 다운로드. Barrel chested and bull strong. Awkwardly aggressive but effective, especially on the inside. This should be a real crowd pleasing affair.

ROUND 1 – Monzon meets the onrushing Fullmer quickly with a stiff left jab  첨밀밀 영화 다운로드. Gene partially blocks Monzon’s right hand and bulldozes Carlos to the ropes landing a few body shots. The referee breaks the fighters. Back at mid ring Carlos lands two left jabs and then a straight right. Fullmer again moves Monzon to the ropes and Carlos appears to be surprised by Fullmer’s strength. Carlos leans back on the ropes to avoid any head shots but exposes his body. An inviting target for Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 2 – Monzon is hitting Gene with some ramrod jabs but Fullmer keeps coming. The referee warns Fullmer for a low blow . A lot of clinching and mauling but the Monzon jab is beginning to redden the face of Fullmer. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 3 – Carlos opens the round with a hard overhand right but Fullmer does not even wince. Monzon continues to be effective with the jab. When Gene does get inside, Monzon ties him up. Carlos is dictating the pace of the fight. ROUND – Monzon.

ROUND 4 – Fullmer’s manager Marv Jensen tells Gene to ” pick up the pace “. Fullmer does just that as he is forcing Carlos into some dangerous exchanges . Fullmer punches from odd angles and he connects with a couple of nice, clubbing rights that get Monzon’s attention. ROUND – Fullmer.

ROUND 5 – Gene continues to force the action as Carlos attempts to establish his jab once again. Fullmer now sports a small nick under his right eye. Gene is pounding the body whenever possible. Still it looks like Monzon has regained the upper hand. ROUND – Monzon.

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Canelo “Unanimous Decision” Over Charlo

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America and a top respected contributor to since 2008

Jermell Charlo faced Canelo Alveraz in one of the more intriguing fights as Charlo, the junior Middleweight champion, faced the super Middleweight champion. 

Canelo was the bigger fighter and had been fighting bigger fighters for a longer period of time 다운로드. Charlo was moving up two weights class, not just one.  Canelo had been one of the elite pound for pound fighters from the welterweight division and even campaigned as a light heavyweight.  

What Canelo has going for him is his advantage at the higher weight, and he has excellent upper body movement and great power.  Charlo has a high boxing IQ and good boxing skills.  In his second fight with Brian Castano, he switched his strategy and stopped Castano.  Charlo was capable of adjusting but to paraphrase Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a strategy until the first bell rings, and you get hit the first time.”  Certainly, when Charlo started to feel the power of Alvarez, his strategy wasn’t going to work. 

When Floyd Mayweather fought a young Canelo, he out boxed and out thought Alvarez, and Alvarez seemed hesitant throughout the bout.  He learned a lesson in fighting Mayweather, and one thing was to follow all his instincts and let loose his power.  The Canelo that fought Charlo pressured Charlo and Charlo never fought a fighter with the ferocity of Alvarez. 

I thought that Charlo may win a few early rounds, but I anticipated that Canelo’s power and pressure would take hold for a late round stoppage. 

The fight was one sided and my own score card was more one-sided than the official cards which were 119-108, 119-108, 118-109 where as I had it 120-107 윈도우 10 rs3 다운로드. The only round that could have possibly been ruled in Charlo’s favor was the first round in which both fighters landed one punch in a slow round 윈도우 10 스팀 다운로드.

From that round, Canelo out landed Charlo every round, and overall, he landed double the punches over Charlo 제빵왕 김탁구 다운로드. He out jabbed Charlo the boxer and was more accurate with those jabs, and landed more than double the power shots.  Overall, Canelo’s accuracy was double that of Charlo and from the second round to the very end, this was a one-way fight in which the bigger Canelo proved too powerful for the junior middleweight, Jermell Charlo.  Charlo moved up two weight divisions and the difference was self-evident.  Even in the first round we saw Charlo retreat to the ropes 다운로드.

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Can Wilder Win The Heavyweight Title – AND – Can Eubank Jr. Revenge His Loss To Smith?

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Can Deontay Wilder win the heavyweight championship 윈도우7 영문 언어팩 다운로드? The answer is yes but Wilder has fought but one round since his trilogy with Fury and that trilogy was a brutal affair for both men but in particular for Wilder who got the worse of it.   

It is true that he sent Fury down and nearly ended their first fight in the final round when Fury went down face first to the canvas, but Fury somehow got up and survived the knockdown and ended up with a draw.  Their third fight was an up and down affair as both men hit the canvas before Fury finally finished of Wilder in a brutal fight 그린 마일. His last opponent Helenius lasted one minute and that is all he has fought since his trilogy with Fury.  Fury is the wild card as he goes from retiring to trying to decide to fight Usyk or not, which is the fight everyone wants to see 다운로드.

As for Wilder, his options includes Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and if he gets past one of them, Usyk is still there if Fury has yet to fight him. 

Joshua is a more skilled boxer with good power and as he showed against Helenius, he can box while having enough power to end a fight.  Until Helenius and after the first Ruiz fight in which he was stopped, Joshua was a more cautious fighter but against Helenius, he started to look like the pre-Andy Ruiz Joshua 다운로드.

Andy Ruiz is one of the toughest fighters who will take your best to try to knock you out.  Wilder’s power is legendary, and he could end the fight against either fighter with one shot.  In the case of Ruiz, it will be which fighter who has the most power, but Joshua’s boxing skills will give Wilder trouble just as Fury’s boxing skills gave Wilder trouble. 

Against Usyk, Wilder has his power, but Usyk is a slick boxer who will give Wilder plenty of trouble in avoiding that one big shot.  Right now, the latest discussion is that he will fight Joshua and with the right opponent holding the belt, he can regain a title.  If nothing else, Wilder is an exciting fighter who can end a fight with just one punch. 

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Hands of Stone – Movie Review


******* FLASHBACK *******

This article originally appeared on on August 29, 2016

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

I am reluctant to expose the full contents of the latest boxing movie, Hands of Stone, as my intent is not to spoil it for those of you that have not seen it yet. I will just touch the tip of it in this review 엑셀 무설치 다운로드.

Duran 1

I was the first in line last Friday morning (11am) on the first day of release and the first showing at the theatre, so nobody could tell me anything about the movie before I could see it myself  다운로드.  Although I pretty much knew the whole story in following Roberto Duran in the five decades (1968-2001) of his boxing career, I was anxious to see it 다운로드.

Duran 3

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