Munguia Stops Ryder – Round 9

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Jaime Munguia faced John Ryder for the WBC Silver Super Middleweight championship.  Munguia started fast and Ryder attacked as much as he defended as Ryder landed a right hook while Munguia left hook landed on top.   I gave the first round to Munguia and Munguia started the second round with a vicious attack and as Ryder attempted to short uppercut, Munguia landed an aright hook and then followed up with combination that sent Ryder down.  Munguia now led 20-17 on my scorecard cython 다운로드.

Munguia starts the third round fast looking to end the fight, but Ryder does nail him with two solids shots  Ryder went down a second time, but the referee rules a slip but in the fourth round Ryder stops Munguia in his trace with a huge left and both fighters exchange bombs.  Just as Ryder looks like he is gaining momentum and throws a big right-hand haymaker, he gets countered and down he went again and this time the referee rules it knockdown 윈도우 8.1 한글 언어 팩 다운로드.

After four rounds, it is 40-34 for Munguia and Ryder was in a big hole and CompuBox has Munguia landing twenty-nine power shots to Ryder 18 after three rounds 다운로드.

Going into the fifth round, Ryder needed to make drastic changes as he was behind on points and the problem for Ryder is that he didn’t have the power of Munguia who staggered Ryder in an exchange.  Munguia was coming through Ryder’s punches, but Ryder had no choice but to keep fighting if he wanted a chance to win 다운로드. After five it was 50-43.

Munguia kept his cool as Ryder landed a series of right-handed jabs from his southpaw stances and Munguia is satisfied for now to keep the fight on the outside 패션오브 크라이스트 다운로드.  The sixth round could have gone either way, but I gave it slightly to Munguia.  60-52 halfway through the fight

The seventh round saw a lot of clinching as Ryder is warned for excessive holding and Munguia threw a flurry of punches but no real effect.  Ryder landed counter left and a Ryder left lead scores and while Ryder had a better seventh round, he still lost the round on my card, and it was 70-61. (others had this and the previous round for Ryder but for me, both rounds saw Munguia connect on significantly more punches thus I had it a shut out at this point.)

Munguia came out attacking with the goal of ending the fight and landing a series of combinations, but Ryder stood firm and at the end of the round, Munguia is put on the defense as Ryder connect on a few shots. Both fighters landed punches in the center of the ring as the round concluded.  Munguia now holds an 80-70  lead and with four rounds left,  Ryder needed a knockout.

Munguia started the ninth with a clean right hand and another right drops Ryder a third time.  Ryder looked unsteady as he got up and Munguia dropped him with a body shot. Ryder got up and wanted to continue but after a few more punches from Munguia, Ryder’s corner stopped the fight.

Munguia is undefeated, coming into his peak at 27 and like everyone else in the super Middleweight wants that big fight with Saul Alvarez but he is in line along with Jermall Charlo, Middleweight champion, Terrance Crawford, and David Benavidez.     According to ESPN Salvador Rodrique,  Alvarez is looking at Jermall Charlo and Terrace Crawford.  Crawford is a big money attraction, but I can’t see Crawford beating Alvarez, too small and Jermall had one fight at Super Middleweight but what I don’t see is a fight with Benavidez who could give Alvarez some competition and Munguia.   (My own view is that Crawford still has to show that he can even fight at Super Middleweight and Charlo may want to avenge his brother.    Neither fight is guaranteed. 

My own view is if this is true, then Alvarez is not anxious to fight Benavidez and he is not anxious for a rematch with light heavyweight Bivol.   Munguia is interesting case since he is undefeated but yet not was known as Benavidez or Alvarez but would love his chance at his fellow Mexican.    A better question might be is Alvarez willing to fight Munguia or Benavidez?

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  1. Munguia has finally legitimized himself as a contender now. He showed new wrinkles under Roach.

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