Bob Stallings – Tough Guy Tested Contenders

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer / World Renowned Boxing Historian / Contributor of 130 outstanding article pieces to since 2008

During this era there were also heavyweights who were not quite good enough to be ranked contenders but they were good enough to test boxers wanting to go to the next level 다운로드. George Scrap Iron Johnson comes to mind. Also rugged Leroy Caldwell. Out of New York was a boxer named Bob Stallings. Although Stallings won only one bout more then he lost in his career, he met quality opposition 삼국 군영전 4 다운로드. In fact he was able to spring an occasional upset now and then.

Stallings was born on July 7, 1944 in South Carolina. He fought out of New York and turned professional in 1964 포켓몬스터 블랙2 한글판 다운로드. Bob was always matched tough. In his pro debut he met a prospect who was 15-1. Bob lost that bout. He continued and in 1965 he dropped bouts to Mel Turbow and Buster Mathis 다운로드. He then defeated Chuck Wepner. In 1966 he again lost to Mathis but in 1967 he beat highly regarded Alvin “Blue” Lewis. 

As 1968 rolled around Bob was defeated by Eduardo Corletti, Lewis in a rematch and Roy Williams 갤럭시 kies. In 1969 Stallings was defeated by Henry Clark. Then came a 1972 loss to Larry Middleton. He did score a win over Billy Daniels. In 1973 he lost to highly rated Ron Lyle but then he upset Mac Foster. In 1974 he halted James J. Woody for the New York State heavyweight title. Then he upset the feared Earnie Shavers.

Stallings was never able to capitalize on the win over Shavers. At times he lost to fighters he probably should have defeated. In 1978 he did beat Hubert Hilton. In 1979 he lost to Greg Sorrentino. In 1980 he lost to Larry Alexander and then was disqualified against Alfredo Evanagelista. That was his last bout.

In all Stallings had 63 bouts winning 32. He scored 12 knockouts and was defeated by knockout 7 times. He met four boxers who challenged for the title in Mathis, Wepner, Lyle and Shavers. He crossed gloves with contenders Lewis, Foster, Middleton, Corletti and Clark.

3 thoughts on “Bob Stallings – Tough Guy Tested Contenders

  1. This guy is my favorite spoiler that nobody’s heard of. The stuff he pulled off while rocking a losing record is a riot.

  2. Top 10 ranked by Boxing International around 1975. Wins over a fading Mac Foster and an in the doldrums Earnie Shavers could have led to bigger things but instead Stallings became inactive for approximately 2 years. By the time Stallings resumed boxing any advantage from these wins was lost and career fizzled out on a win some lose some basis.

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