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By Steve Canton

Forward by Al Berstein

My book, Steve Canton’s Tributes, Memories & Observations of the Sweet Science is out and doing exceptionally well in both the boxing and mainstream communities 트와이스 음악 다운로드. Comprised of thirty-seven chapters, 370 pages and 550 pictures, it is a lifetime collection of boxing and human interest stories which takes the reader on an unforgettable and sometimes emotional journey seldom seen 다운로드. It chronicles many of the lesser known boxers, and others associated with the sport, and details their contributions not only to boxing but to society as well 다운로드. Included also are personal tributes to many well-known characters and observations and suggestions to improve the sport. For those interested in statistics a detailed boxing record of the fighters whose stories are told is included 다운로드. Hall of Fame commentator Al Bernstein wrote the foreword.

“Steve Canton’s Tributes, Memories & Observations of the Sweet Science,” one of the best new books of the year 다운로드!

“One of the best boxing books I have ever read … you won’t be able to put it down once you open the front cover.” Harold Lederman, HBO Sports

“Canton, who has spent a lifetime in boxing as a boxer, trainer, cutman, promoter, commentator, writer and historian, draws on that experience with stories of great depth, detail and passion 숲속으로 영화 다운로드. A must read.” – Dan Cuoco, Director, International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO)

“Steve Canton is a true boxing person 다운로드. His stories are from the heart and from experience. As a writer he is gifted. This book is a great read and highly recommended.” – Roy Jones Jr., All-time great boxing world champion

Get your personally signed book – Special price $25.00 비스토라이저!

If interested in a signed copy let me know by return email and you will receive the family discount price of $25 (which is what I also use at my book signings), instead of the $29 price it is listed for on my website:

The postage and shipping materials are an additional $4 for a total of $29 드롭박스 자동 다운로드. Send your check payable to Steve Canton, 3833 Maxine Street, Fort Myers, Florida 33901. Let me know who to sign the book to and what address to send it to 가오몬 타블렛 드라이버. I will sign and send your book via mail immediately.

I know you will enjoy the book and the many wonderful pictures.   Proceeds from book sales will benefit local area youth boxing through my non-profit SJC Boxing Club, Inc.

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