Johnny Ortiz R.I.P.

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By David Martinez /

Where do I start to talk and grieve about my friend – my good friend – Johnny Ortiz, who passed away on Saturday, August 9, 2014 윈도우 8 1 정품 다운로드.

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I met Johnny back in 1997 upon my arrival into the World Boxing Hall of Fame as a Director of the Board 자두 김밥 다운로드. I knew about Johnny prior to that because I would catch him at times when I was in the Los Angeles area and listened to his boxing radio talk show “Ringside with Johnny Ortiz” 다운로드.

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Upon meeting Johnny, we immediately bonded as loyal friends mainly due to our great love for boxing 윈도우 10 지뢰찾기 다운로드. I always considered Johnny a mentor and our bond took us to connecting by phone at least twice a week over the years just to check up on each other and say hello 윈도우 10 설치파일 다운로드.

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Johnny has been featured on my website, we have done radio broadcasts together, taken trips to boxing matches, done things socially, and always sat together while never missing a monthly board meeting with the World Boxing Hall of Fame during our tenures with the organization lightworks.

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To try to explain Johnny’s life and what I know, would be like trying to explain how a nuclear powered submarine is built, and that would take me literally days and weeks and months to do 시스코 패킷트레이서 다운로드.

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Just know that Johnny was a God fearing man, and what came first in his everyday life was serving the Lord 오토캐드 2012 64비트 다운로드. He was respected by his boxing peers, family, and friends.  He will be missed as he now takes his step into heaven.  Johnny Ortiz, my friend – my good friend – rest in peace 다운로드!

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(Photos Courtesy: George Garcia and David Martinez)


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