Luis Magana


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Luis Magana & David Martinez
Luis Magana & David Martinez/March 2004

On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, the boxing world lost a man that was simply a huge cornerstone in boxing and wrestling, who worked as an outstanding writer and publicist at historic Olympic Auditorium on the corner of 18th and Grand Ave, Los Angeles, California for eight decades 다운로드.

Luis Magana, a true icon, died at the age of 97, in Boston – may his soul rest peacefully in heaven!

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  1. Luis Magana, and Canto Robledo were very close friends and often would share a cold beer at the Grand Olmpic Auditorium. Often my dad would arrange amateur bouts with Luis Magana’s stables of fighters. You had to be in top shape to fight one of Luis kids. Truly a legend of our time.

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