RING TRIVIA ~ answers

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Five questions appearing in March, June, September, December … with the answers appearing for viewing three weeks later vmware fusion.


( 1 ) What heavyweight boxer, after his career, went on to have a role in the original TV series The Untouchables?

a – Arturo Godoy

b – Clarence Henry

c – Willie Bean

d – Abel Fernandez – CORRECT ANSWER

( 2 ) What former boxer fought 19 times in the year 1950 and won all 19 bouts 폴라리스 랩소디 다운로드?

a – Gene Fullmer

b – Bobo Olson

c – Sugar Ray Robinson – CORRECT ANSWER

d – Tony Zale


( 3 ) Who did Rocky Marciano lose to in the amateur ranks, but would never fight later as a professional 윈도우 10 rs2 다운로드?

a – Joey Maxim

b – Coley Wallace – CORRECT ANSWER

c – Wayne Bethea

d – Jimmy Bivins


( 4 ) Who was the first boxer to knock down Muhammad Ali in his professional career?

a – Sonny Liston

b – Doug Jones

c – Joe Frazier

d – Sonny Banks – CORRECT ANSWER


( 5 ) What sport did former WBC welterweight champion Carlos Palamino play at a semi-pro level before starting a professional career in boxing?

a – Basketball

b – Baseball – CORRECT ANSWER

c – Soccer

d – Tennis


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