RING TRIVIA for May 2011

(a monthly feature from David Martinez Boxing … answers will be available for viewing in about three weeks)

1) What boxer beat Carlos Ortiz two out of three times in championship bouts, with his only loss of the three being a split decision defeat 다운로드?

a) Sugar Ramos

b) Eddie Perkins

c) Ismael Laguna

d) Duilio Loi


2) Who was the first black heavyweight champion 익스플로러 동영상 다운로드?

a) Sam Langford

b) Jack Johnson

c) Sam McVey

d) Joe Jeannette


3) Former lightweight champion Ken Buchanan was only knocked out once in 69 professional bouts 배틀 그라운드 무료. Who knocked him out ?

a) Donato Paduano

b) Jim Watt

c) Guts Ishimatsu

d) Roberto Duran


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