RING TRIVIA for October 2008

1) The late Paul Newman portrayed middleweight champion Rocky Graziano in the 1956 movie Somebody Up There Likes Me … what actor was originally picked to play that role before Newman 다운로드?

a) John Wayne
b) Richard Boone
c) James Dean
d) Charles Bronson

2) In 1977, what two boxers fought for the California State Heavyweight Championship and the referee of their bout was replaced after the 1st round, due to a epileptic seizure 오피스 2013 홈앤스튜던트 다운로드?

a) Jack O’Halloran vs. Charlie Reno
b) Mike Weaver vs. Stan Ward
c) Thad Spencer vs. Bill McMurray
d) Howard Smith vs. Henry Clark

3) Former heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries had the nickname – The Boilermaker … he had another nickname, which was 다운로드?

a) Yankee Doodle
b) California Grizzly
c) Burbank Bomber
d) Ohio Master

answers will be posted for viewing on weekend of October 25-26