Tyson Fury Dominates Deontay Wilder – 7th Round Stoppage – WBC Heavyweight Championship Fight

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … Contributor to dmboxing.com since 2008 with outstanding input and expertise – Thank You 다운로드!

Tyson Fury fought the best fight of his life and adopted from his previous fight.  He simply was the aggressor and dominated from the opening bell jquery 멀티파일. There wasn’t a round that he didn’t lose, and he impose his will upon Wilder.

Wilder began throwing jabs in the first round to Fury’s middle to slow the bigger Fury and Wilder nailed Fury with a big right and nothing, Fury withstood the punch 다운로드. Fury lands his own combinations to end the round and force Wilder to cover up.

Wilder did land a good right that forced Fury to clinch and continues his jab to Fury’s body and missed with a big right but Fury counter with a one-two that forced Wilder to hold and as the bell rang ending the second round, Fury connected on another combinations. 

As the third round opened up, Fury steps up the pace and landed big right hands, and one of them sent Wilder to the canvas near the end of the round.  Wilder came off the canvas on unsteady legs and blood pouring from his mouth.  Fury took the fight to Wilder and while this had its risk, Fury own power made the gamble work in the third round 다운로드.

Wilder fell to the ground in the fourth round, but it was ruled a slip by the referee.  Wilder is barely able to slow the Fury assault and best that could be said, he survived 오토리 다운로드. In the fifth round, Fury sent Wilder down again by a ferocious body shot.  Fury lost a point for butting his head in a clinch but after the fifth round, it was obvious that Fury was the better fighter this evening, but the question remained, did Wilder have one big shot left to end the fight. 

Fury continued his assault in the sixth and seventh round, and the Wilder corner simply threw in the towel.  At this point, Fury won every round easily and there is no doubt now who is the king of the heavyweight.  Anthony Joshua has a mandatory defense against Kubrat Pulev and then there will be only one fight 스캐너 다운로드. Joshua versus Fury which would easily fill one of the British football stadiums and be a big PPV draw. 

Joshua boxed his way to recapturing his title over Ruiz but after Fury performance against Wilder, one can only surmise that the Gypsy King wouldn’t be the favorite? 

As for Wilder, this was a beat down and kind of the fight that won’t be easy to recover.  Wilder not only lost but he thoroughly beaten.  Wilder wanted to continue but his corner decided that his future was more important.  Wilder now must rebuilt his career as a contender.  While Fury prepares for his bout with Joshua, Wilder must start thinking where to go from here 다운로드. There are plenty of fights for him including a bout with Anthony Ruiz, but the mantle of invincibility is gone as he been defeated.

Like most pundits, I got this fight wrong and what we missed, Fury ability to adopt his style 다운로드. Instead of being a boxer, he used his weight and size to his advantage while changing his style. He decided to be more aggressive against Wilder who didn’t have an answer.  Fury team showed they were ready to adopt from the last fight and they won a big victory relics.

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