Tyson Fury “Split Decision” Winner Over Francis Ngannou … 10 Rounds / Non-Title Bout


By Tom Donelsom / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Tyson Fury had his battle of the baddest against Francis Ngannou, former UFC champion who was doing his first boxing match at the age of thirty-seven 아이폰 백그라운드 다운로드. What should have been an easy match for Fury turned out to be battle of survival as he barely got by Ngannou and even hit the floor in the third round by a Ngannou left hook.  This fight was close on the Compubox data as Fury landed seventy-one punches to fifty-nine, but Ngannou landed more power shots 37-32.  Usually in these matchups, the boxer has the advantage since more Mixed Marital Arts are not allowed to kick or get their opponent to the ground.  So, this is hands versus hands and the boxer has more experienced with just using hands.  Ngannou has been at the top of the UFC heavyweight division, and he was taking on the baddest man in the boxing world. 


I had Fury winning the first two rounds as he landed more punches and even in the second round turned southpaw, to confuse his opponent.  In the third round, Ngannou stunned Fury with a left hook that sent boxing heavyweight champion to the canvas, and I had the third round as a the 10-8 round for Ngannou and after three rounds, it was 28-28 윈도우 7 32비트 다운로드. Fury acknowledges after the fight, “He’s a very awkward man and he’s a good puncher and I respect him a lot.” 

The fourth round was a pick em which I gave to Fury, but it could easily have gone to Ngannou but the next two rounds, Fury landed some good shots and looked like he might be getting back in control of the fight.  Near the end of the fifth round, Ngannou look tired.  After six rounds, I had it 58-55 but it could easily have been 57-56.  Ngannou had the better of the next two rounds as he landed some hard lefts and rights.  After eight rounds I had it 76-75 and remember the fourth round was tight so it could be the opposite in favor of Ngannou 맥용 포토샵 무료.

Fury won the last two rounds with some better shots snapping Ngannou head in the ninth round and nice right-hand uppercut in the tenth final round.  I had it 96-93 for Fury.  The official score was 95-94 for Ngannou and 96-93, 95-94 for Fury.  I can understand the 95-94 for Ngannou since there were close rounds and Ngannou showed good boxing skills that surprised Fury as Fury admitted, “”He’s a good boxer 다운로드. He’s a lot better than I thought he’d be, and he gave me a good fight. … I would like to do it again down the line and I’m sure Francis would like to do it as well.”

Now Fury faces Oleksandr Usyk on December 23rd, but Fury suffered cuts over his left eye and forehead and now he has less than two months to get ready for the undefeated Usyk.   Fury at time looked confused and uncomfortable as Ngannou showed usual boxing skills and now what will he do?  He signed with the PBL, (Pro boxing league),  and certainly he showed enough skills to box other contenders. 

As for Fury, I wonder if he was surprised by Ngannou, but he stated he trained for 12 weeks so he was in shape, but did he take this fight seriously?  Or did he show vulnerability that maybe Fury is losing a step?  He did not look impressive and certainly he would have to fight better to beat Usyk. 

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  1. If Fury truly trained for 12 weeks, he has never taken great care of his body and it has caught up on him.

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