Ugas Defeats Pacquiao by Unanimous Decision

By Tom Donaldson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … and respected contributor to since 2008

Yordenis Ugas was the stand in for Errol Spence Jr who suffered an eye injury training for Manny Pacquiao.  Manny was the overwhelming favorite, but he was also 42 years old and has been fighting for 26 years.  No fight should ever be classified as “in the bag” for a 42 year old fighter, no matter how great he has been 윈도우10 홈 다운로드.

The first round saw Manny Pacquiao get off to a good start as he landed jabs and combinations with good footwork.  The first round was his.  Ugas landed the first punch of the second round and got his jab going as he kept Pacquiao at bay with his length.  Ugas forced the PACMan to retreat.  Ugas threw the most effective punch in the second round.  At the end of third round, Ugas nailed Pacquiao with a solid right.  Ugas’ confidence grew after landing that punch 다운로드.

In the fourth round, after the referee warned Ugas about low blows, he landed a hard right hand to Pacquiao’s body.  Pacquiao began the fifth with a double jab and lead left, but all fell short.  He did mange to follow through with a jab followed by a left, but Ugas landed a right hand to the body.   Ugas pressed forward at round 6 and landed hooks to Pacquiao’s body along with a double jab. 

The fight was close halfway through the bout and I had it even; but I couldn’t shake the idea that the second half of the fight could benefit the younger fighter as the older fighter could wilt down the stretch 다운로드. One boxing analyst observed that “Pacquiao’s getting touched a bit too much in this fight. The thought of Errol Spence Jr. being there instead for this fight is terrifying for the Filipino.”

Starting in the seventh round, Ugas began to separate himself from the PacMan as he landed a right as part of the three-punch combination.  The one thing that Ugas’ corner had to worry about is that, while Ugas was the more accurate puncher, Pacquiao threw double the punches and the judges could give Pacquiao credit for throwing punches but not judge his inefficiency 구글 독스.

Round 8 continued with Ugas successfully counter punching and after the eighth, he had connected 104 punches versus Pacquiao’s 97 punches 프로듀스 x101 다운로드. Ugas, however, landed 37% of his punches versus 19% for Pacquiao (Pacquiao would continue to drop through the last four rounds).  Ugas unleashed an overhand right but many of those punches were blocked by Pacquiao’s gloves.  In rounds 9 and 10, Ugas often ended exchanges by landing the cleaner punches.

Throughout the eleventh round, Pacquioa threw more punches as he had done throughout the bout, and landed a few, but still Ugas appeared to be in the lead with one more round left.   Ted Atlas observed, “The problem all night was his misjudgment of distance. He stops in front in range and not out enough.”

Ugas had the advantage in the last round, landing cleaner punches.  I had the fight 116-112 and two of the three judges agreed; the other had it Ugas 115-113, a reasonable score.  Ugas after the fight concluded “A lot of respect for him, but I won the fight.”

Pacquiao added, “I think that the problem for me was that I didn’t make adjustments right away, and my legs were tight. My legs are so tight it’s hard to move. I’m sorry we lost tonight, but I did my best. I apologize.”  When an older fighter says his legs were tight, this tells me that he is admitting issues with aging.  His ability not to adjust could also be another way of saying that he couldn’t connect like he did in the past. 

Compubox stats tell the story of the fight.  Pacquiao threw nearly double the punches but connected on less punches.  He was totally inaccurate in his punching as Ugas connected on 37% of his punches versus only 16% for Pacquiao.   Inaccuracy could be one sign of an aging fighter and throughout the second half of the fight, Ugas won five of six rounds on my card. 

Ugas is a good a fighter and while he has lost four fights in his career, he nearly defeated Shawn Porter a couple of years ago and many observers felt he won that fight.  He was a competitive fighter and while he was the underdog, it should not be surprising that he won.  While many were disappointed that Spence was not able to fight, the Pacquiao who fought last Saturday night would not have beaten Spence and may have been stopped. 

Ugas has put himself in the upper elites of welterweights, and as for Pacquiao, it is time to say goodbye to boxing.  At 42, he has nothing left to prove and he showed that Father Time has defeated yet another great boxer in the end.

One thought on “Ugas Defeats Pacquiao by Unanimous Decision

  1. Great, honest write up on the fight. Ugas is a hell of a fighter in his own right. I did have him over Porter and he does well vs Bud or Spence. His 4 losses don’t tell his whole story any more than a young Iran Barkley’s record depicted his skills. No damage done to the 42 year old Pacman who fought as well as could be expected vs a younger lion.

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