Gervonta Davis “KO Stoppage ~7th Round” Defeats Ryan Garcia

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … contributor to www.dmboxing since 2008

Gervonta “the Tank” fought his archrival Ryan Garcia for the pride who is the best of each other.  This was a bout that took a life of its own as Garcia called out Davis and Davis finally granted Garcia his wish.  This fight guaranteed big money and excitement for many fans who craved this fight between two undefeated fighters

Garcia came in 5 inches taller and quick hands and while advertise the slugger (Davis) and boxer (Garcia), both fighters landed power shots and accurate as they were ranked near the best in accuracy ec2 pem download.

The first round was slow with slight advantage for Garcia as he won first round 10-9 but in the second round, Garcia appeared to hurt Tank Davis with combinations but the first punch landed by Davis, sent Garcia to the canvas in less than a minute left in the round.  Garcia got up immediately, but the message was sent, Davis needed just one punch to win the round.  The knockdown made it a 10-8 round an I had 9-18 in favor of Tank 다운로드.

During the third round Tank became more accurate and Garcia looked tentative as he still recovered from the knockdown.  Tank won third round and now was 29-27 니드포스피드 라이벌 다운로드.

Davis landed 9 punches and most of power shots to the body as Garcia appeared unable to defend the body.  39-36 in favor of Tank after four round 눈물샤워.


During the fifth round, Tank was taking control as Garcia started to look at gas.  While both landed equal number of power shots, Tank punches were more decisive.  Tank was easily in the lead on my card as it was 49-45. 

There were several exchanges as Garcia landed 6 power shots and Tank scored on 10 in the sixth round. Right hand landed for Garcia and for one brief moment, Davis stepped back, and Garcia cut off the ring, but he missed with right hand.  Davis did not look phased by Garcia shots and landed left to the body 다운로드. With the fight half over, it was 59-54 in favor of Davis. (I will note that there were pundits who had Garcia winning the round).

The seventh-round saw Davis end the fight as he showed patience.  A solid left nailed Garcia who knelt on one leg.  He could not give up and the pain of the punch was seen in his face. His nose was bleeding, and the referee ended the fight.

For the first five minutes Garcia was winning the fight but the left hook that sent Garcia down with one minute left in the second round changed the fight.  From that point, it was Davis fight.  Garcia is a good young fighter who may yet become a champion but tonight, this fight showed that right now, there is a wide difference in skills between Ryan Garcia and Tank Davis.

Davis fight was his typical fight as he punched sparely but when his punches landed, they had pop and accurate. His punches had more power than Garcia.  Garcia threw 60 more punches over six and half rounds and even landed the same amount of punches, but he did not hurt Davis.  Davis punch in the second round showed the difference as he was easily losing the round but his first punch of the round that landed sent Garcia down.  I scored this round 10-8 even though he lost the first two minutes because his one shot sent Garcia down.  The knockdown was the punch that won the fight, but it took five more rounds before Davis landed the next big blow, a nasty body shot that paralyzed Garcia.  This was a fight built between two men who had large presence on the social media and fans wanted to see it.  The fight occurred and now we know that Davis is a better fighter than Garcia at this stage of their career.

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