RING TRIVIA for November 2010

1) Sugar Ray Robinson suffered his first defeat of his career to Jake LaMotta on  February 5, 1943 … the rematch for that fight would take place how many days later in same month 다운로드?

a) 7 days

b) 10 days

c) 14 days

d) 21 days

2) What Gold Medal winner was voted the most outstanding boxer in the 1976 Olympics 3d max 2017 vray download?

a) Howard Davis, Jr

b) Sugar Ray Leonard

c) Leo Randolph

d) Michael Spinks

3) When Primo Carnera knocked out Jack Sharkey on June 29, 1933 to win heavyweight title … his punch was a 윈도우 10 엣지 다운로드?

a) right hook to jaw

b) right uppercut to jaw

c) inside right hook

d) straight right to chest

NOTE: there are three new RING TRIVIA questions from  dmboxing.com posted monthly for your enjoyment … with answers available for viewing about three weeks later 다운로드!

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