David Martinez Health Update

By Bob Quackenbush / dmboxing.com

Greetings to all friends of dmboxing.com. For those of you who did not know, dmboxing founder and producer David Martinez is at home recuperating from quadruple coronary bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack a few weeks ago nwc 무료. The surgery went very well, and David is following rehabilitation instructions with the help of his wife Cely who happens to be a registered nurse in a post-surgical ward 다운로드. He is in good hands with Cely and with the Lord, of course, and he appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

While David is on the mend, there will be fewer articles posted on dmboxing.com 다운로드. Not to worry. As he regains strength, postings will begin again; but for now, it is time to rest and heal.

Thanks again for your concern, and for your support of dmboxing.com 안드로이드 해킹 어플 다운로드.

RING TRIVIA for September 2021


I have always been intrigued with boxing trivia. This began back when I was a kid in 1961. I would pick the minds of the older generation and ask them questions about their era to educate myself 크롬 지메일 다운로드. It’s now my pleasure to bring boxing trivia to my website for everyone. On a quarterly basis I post five (5) multiple choice questions – in March, June, September, and December – with the correct answers to follow by the end of each posting month for viewing 다운로드.

1 ) What former heavyweight boxer once was the manager and trainer for super middleweight boxer Frankie Liles 고백 영화?

a) Jack O’Halloran

b) Dave Zyglewicz

c) Gerry Cooney

d) Scott LeDoux

2) What British boxer often wore “True Brit” embroidered on his trunks windows 7 home premium k 다운로드?

a) Nigel Benn

b) Frank Bruno

c) Chris Eubank

d) Ricky Hatton

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Ugas Defeats Pacquiao by Unanimous Decision

구글 독스

By Tom Donaldson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … and respected contributor to dmboxing.com since 2008

Yordenis Ugas was the stand in for Errol Spence Jr who suffered an eye injury training for Manny Pacquiao.  Manny was the overwhelming favorite, but he was also 42 years old and has been fighting for 26 years.  No fight should ever be classified as “in the bag” for a 42 year old fighter, no matter how great he has been 윈도우10 홈 다운로드.

The first round saw Manny Pacquiao get off to a good start as he landed jabs and combinations with good footwork.  The first round was his.  Ugas landed the first punch of the second round and got his jab going as he kept Pacquiao at bay with his length.  Ugas forced the PACMan to retreat.  Ugas threw the most effective punch in the second round.  At the end of third round, Ugas nailed Pacquiao with a solid right.  Ugas’ confidence grew after landing that punch 다운로드.

In the fourth round, after the referee warned Ugas about low blows, he landed a hard right hand to Pacquiao’s body.  Pacquiao began the fifth with a double jab and lead left, but all fell short.  He did mange to follow through with a jab followed by a left, but Ugas landed a right hand to the body.   Ugas pressed forward at round 6 and landed hooks to Pacquiao’s body along with a double jab. 

The fight was close halfway through the bout and I had it even; but I couldn’t shake the idea that the second half of the fight could benefit the younger fighter as the older fighter could wilt down the stretch 다운로드. One boxing analyst observed that “Pacquiao’s getting touched a bit too much in this fight. The thought of Errol Spence Jr. being there instead for this fight is terrifying for the Filipino.”

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Pages From The Scrapbook #21

러블리즈 앨범 다운로드

This edition of “Pages From The Scrapbook” features my pre-fight article on two fights – dated July 29 / 31, 1982 – Alexis Arguello vs 프랑스어 사전 다운로드. Kevin Rooney and Tony Ayala vs. Robbie Epps.

Being original article is damaged and unread-able, here is the file copy piece and short note brief prior to publication 다운로드.

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dmboxing.com / T-Shirt

아이언맨 3 다운로드

Last month, on July 15th, dmboxing.com turned 14 years old 다운로드. I would again like to say thank you to the many that have supported this website with loyalty and positive input.

I strive to give everyone the wealth of boxing as I know it, and in appreciation for making this website just one of your choices in boxing, I am offering my newest T-shirt product at the very low comfortable price of just $12.00, and that includes FREE shipping to any postal zone in the USA 다운로드.

This attractive T-shirt is black in color and short sleeve 스케치업 2017 버전 다운로드. It features the official logo on the back, with the website address displayed on the front.

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Current Champions

스프링 게시판 파일 다운로드

Every 3 months on a quarterly basis, in February, May, August, and November dmboxing.com offers this feature – the Current Boxing Champions 다운로드. Each are shown in their respective weight division, world title belt organization, listing their native country, and professional ring record in the following format: win-loss-draw-no contest (knockout wins) and the date of winning their title 다운로드.

*** As of August 11, 2021 ***

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Rodolfo Gonzalez

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian / dmboxing.com  

When people ask me who are some of the nicest boxers that I have personally met – not in any particular order – the first group of fifteen that come to mind are Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman, Danny Lopez, Bobby Chacon, Ernie Terrell, Johnny Tapia, Diego Corrales, Jerry Quarry, Mando Ramos, Ruben Olivares, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Eddie Perkins, Vernon Forrest, and Ken Buchanan … but I must not leave out one other – Rodolfo “El Gato” Gonzalez Select2 download.

Gonzalez, the former WBC lightweight champion, is truly a gentleman. I was honored to be his presenter at his induction into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on October 18, 2003 피고인 1회 다운로드.

Gonzalez was actually born on a small farm owned by his grandparents near Tepatitlan Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico on December 16, 1945 다운로드. He is one of eight children born to Florencio and Maria Luz Gonzalez. The family moved to Guadalajara when Rodolfo was a young child.

Growing up, Gonzalez had aspirations of becoming a bull fighter, El Matador, but that changed to boxing when he became intrigued with his boxer-cousin Jose Becerra, who was an outstanding bantamweight champion 다운로드.

With no amateur status, he started his professional career in November 1959, just six weeks shy of his 14th birthday, against less than moderate competition in Mexico 다운로드. A southpaw and tremendous body puncher, he won 51 of his first 52 bouts, all but one by knockout.

On February 15, 1963, in making his U.S. debut, he lost to Licho Guerrero in Los Angeles by tenth round stoppage.

That loss would become the start of the dark side of his career, not fighting again for nearly 3 years. Soon after the fight, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

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