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Henry Armstrong Foundation – Supports Los Angeles International Peace Parade Festival

If you believe in PEACE and that it only takes one idea to change the world, please join the Henry Armstrong Foundation, Saturday April 27, 2019, by marching in the Los Angeles International Peace Parade Festival 다운로드.

We will be introducing our new positive self image – psychology – mentoring – sports youth program which is intended to encourage young minds to get an idea of this concept worldwide 행진곡 다운로드. Come by our booth at the festival after the parade and meet the President / CEO and grandson of boxing icon and legend Henry Armstrong, Edward Scott, Jr., plus several Boxing Champions 다운로드.

For further event information, contact Edward by email: or by viewing the website

On behalf of the Henry Armstrong Foundation – THANK YOU 쇼미더머니4 노래 다운로드!

Henry Armstrong

By David Martinez / 

One of my favorite boxers of all time is Henry Armstrong 창부타령 다운로드. He was born Henry Jackson on December 12, 1912, in Columbus, Mississippi.

Armstrong engaged in 62 amateur bouts, 58 of which he won before turning professional in 1931 amr 코덱 다운로드. He was knocked out in three rounds in his first pro fight, compiling a 1-3 record in his first four professional bouts. But all of that would change. He would go on to be the only boxer to hold three world championships simultaneously 다운로드.

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Henry Armstrong Foundation Pays Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

By David Martinez /

Please join me in support of the Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc 다운로드.

The mission of the foundation is to honor the legacy and spirit of one the greatest boxers of all time, triple champion Henry Armstrong 비스토라이저. They strive to maintain improvement in quality of life for those who are less fortunate and to feed the poor in need.

They also provide scholarships to financially needy students and support youth through positive thinking mentoring 드롭박스 자동 다운로드.

Sponsors, volunteers and any donations are needed. For  information please contact Edward Scott, Jr., President / CEO, at email: or you can view the website at:

At the recent 32nd annual Martin Luther King, Jr 가오몬 타블렛 드라이버. Kingdom Parade in Los Angeles on January 16, 2017, the Henry Armstrong Foundation was on hand with a decorated float and many supporters for the event 다운로드. The celebration is the largest of its kind in the United States of America honoring Dr. King.

Here are a few photo shots of the parade taken off the TV coverage that was shown live by KABC Channel 7 일러스트 패턴 다운로드. Please note the larger photo above is courtesy of Tiffany Lam from Montero On Boxing (thank you, Tiffany). It is a great photo of Edward and Kimberly Scott; Edward is the grandson of Henry Armstrong 일러스트 10 다운로드.

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Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc.

By David Martinez /

I am in full support of the wonderful Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc. with their mission of helping many human beings world-wide and, in doing so, keeping the legacy of one boxing’s greatest champions of all time – Henry Armstrong.  In his professional career Henry held the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight titles simultaneously, a feat that no boxer has ever done 다운로드.

On January 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, California we are paying tribute to: Dr. Martin Luther King; The Greatest – Muhammad Ali; The former WBC President, Don José Sulaimán Chagnon; and The Great Henry Armstrong. This tribute will be in the 32nd Annual Martin Luther King Kingdom Day Parade.  

The Foundation is seeking sponsors who would like to have their logos placed on the Henry Armstrong Foundation 32nd Annual MLK Parade Limited Edition T-shirts 다운로드. For a sponsorship of $250, their logos can be placed on the back of the T-shirts. For a sponsorship of $500, their logos can be displayed on the Henry Armstrong Foundation float 리모콘 어플. Each sponsor will receive a tax write-off for their sponsorship.

For information kindly go to website:

Information contact is:

Edward Scott, Jr., President / CEO

To donate go to this website address:

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