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  1. david call me lost your number and my computre crashed .Hope you are doing great GOD is good i have my 15 year in bis coming up love for you to be part of it .my new cel is (805)304-0375 Thank you Robert Ortiz Team Scrappy

  2. I am trying to complete 1976 Olympian Chuck Walker’s record. I’ve interviewed Chuck and box rec now has 8-1-1 but he has 3 wins not recorded. One with Tony Dupuy around 8/30/86 and late 85 with Raul Aguirre are two of them. Chuck cannot come up with dates. After leaving Messa, AZ, he continued his career 4 years later in TX.

  3. Happy New Year Dave!!!! Your web-site looks amazing. Your knowledge and love for boxing is definitely appreciated by many people. A blessed day to you and yours….

  4. My name is Jose Mendez I’m from Oxnard and I participated in the 1986 amatuar boxing event in la Casa de la raza. I would like to know if I can still get a copy of the newspaper. I came in with la Colonia boxing club with my trainer Eduardo Garcia.

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