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Johnny Oritz … my friend … my best (boxing) friend

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By David Martinez /
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On September 3, 2014, we laid to rest my best (boxing) friend – Johnny Ortiz, at All Souls Catholic Cemetery in Long Beach, California.
I was so respectfully honored to have been able to be a speaker and to be chosen as a pallbearer at the funeral JO 4services for my friend.
I will miss Johnny beyond belief and please join me, and family, and friends in prayer for his soul “forever” and “forever” in heaven with God.
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The Johnny Ortiz legacy will ALWAYS be connected and never forgotten on this website, by going to menu under Categories and click onto his name for viewing many features and also articles he contributed to  JO 7JO 8

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Johnny Ortiz ~ Funeral Arrangements

The funeral date for, my friend, Johnny Ortiz is set for Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 1pm at location site:  All Souls Catholic Cemetery, 4400 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807 … (562) 424-8601.

Funeral pic

A closed casket visitation will be available prior to service from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

A church Mass will began at 1pm in the chapel and to be followed to the grave site for burial.

For anyone wishing to donate flowers, they can be ordered from the funeral home website  or as well as from any flower shop of your choice.

Flowers orders should be shipped by day prior – September 2 – at above location address.

funeral photo

Thank you for your “continuing” prayers for the soul of Johnny Ortiz, now resting peacefully, in heaven with the Lord!

In Rusty’s Corner

My friend, Rusty Rubin is an award winning boxing writer and has covered the sweet science for more than 35 years. He has been part of the “dmboxing” team with his expertise since 2007 and he is much appreciated by all ~ thank you Rusty!

16 Aug

This week, from Carson Cal. and televised on ShowTime, a very interesting and probably very exciting boxing card.

The main event features two undefeated welterweights, Kell Brook from the United Kingdom will take on Shawn Porter.

Brook, is 28 and boast a record of 32-0 with 22 knockouts. It’s impressive but his list of foes do to qualify as a who’s who in the welterweight division. This fight will give him the recognition and acceptance that he belongs.

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Johnny Ortiz R.I.P.

Johnny - B

By David Martinez /

Where do I start to talk and grieve about my friend – my good friend – Johnny Ortiz, who passed away on Saturday, August 9, 2014.

Johnny - A

I met Johnny back in 1997 upon my arrival into the World Boxing Hall of Fame as a Director of the Board. I knew about Johnny prior to that because I would catch him at times when I was in the Los Angeles area and listened to his boxing radio talk show “Ringside with Johnny Ortiz”.

Ortiz - C

Upon meeting Johnny, we immediately bonded as loyal friends mainly due to our great love for boxing. I always considered Johnny a mentor and our bond took us to connecting by phone at least twice a week over the years just to check up on each other and say hello.

Ortiz - D

Johnny has been featured on my website, we have done radio broadcasts together, taken trips to boxing matches, done things socially, and always sat together while never missing a monthly board meeting with the World Boxing Hall of Fame during our tenures with the organization.

Ortiz - B

To try to explain Johnny’s life and what I know, would be like trying to explain how a nuclear powered submarine is built, and that would take me literally days and weeks and months to do.

Ortiz - AAA

Just know that Johnny was a God fearing man, and what came first in his everyday life was serving the Lord. He was respected by his boxing peers, family, and friends.  He will be missed as he now takes his step into heaven.  Johnny Ortiz, my friend – my good friend – rest in peace!

Johnny - C

*** NOTE:  for many features regarding Johnny that are displayed on this website, go to menu under Categories and click onto Johnny Ortiz for viewing … funeral arrangements are pending with details available soon … any donations are great fully being accepted  by going onto website

(Photos Courtesy: George Garcia and David Martinez)


Canelo vs. Dinero

untitledRingside with Johnny Ortiz

Canelo Alvarez and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will engage one another on Saturday, September 14. It’s the fight that is being billed as “the one” due to the fact that it is without a doubt the one that fight fans have been anxiously awaiting. 

This championship fight has all of the ingredients of a fight classic, youth vs. age, power vs. ring generalship, Floyd or Canelo’s “O” must go and the winner will leave the ring regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing.

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Ringside with Johnny O


(L to R)  Johnny Ortiz, Danny Lujan, David Martinez  (June 23, 2001) reporting on ESPN radio from Las Vegas, Nevada prior to WBC Super Welterweight Championship: Oscar De La Hoya vs. Javier Castillejo

I would like to share an excellent video ( click on blue colored link below ) interview of one of my best friends and mentors Johnny Ortiz.

I have known Johnny for twenty years, and I consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable authorities in boxing that I have ever met. My fondest memories with him were the ten years we spent together in the World Boxing Hall of Fame as Board of Directors.  Also, we both had parts in the movie “After the Last Round” in 2009, and just hanging out with Johnny is delightful with his wealth of wisdom of life.

Book CoverHis book “My Life Among The Icons” is a top seller and truly a great read. For information regarding to purchase the book, you may contact his publisher AuthorHouse, at (888) 728-8467, ext 5023 and they will be happy to assist you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Johnny Ortiz is a 2008 recipient of the California Boxing Hall of Fame and and has written many boxing related articles for publication. He hosted the very first boxing radio talk show “Ringside with Johnny Ortiz” in Los Angeles, California from 1992 to 2004. He was co-owner of the Main Street Gym, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has many film credits on his resume. Johnny is an honored United States Army veteran who servered two years with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea.

video credit – Luke Benson

A BOOK REVIEW by David Martinez


By Johnny Ortiz

I am delighted to have Johnny Ortiz as one of my best friends, as I consider him to be one the most knowledgeable boxing authorities that I have ever met in my over fifty years of boxing.

His connection at the age of fifteen with LA’s most notorious gangster, his sinister lifestyle while working for a renowned private investigator, a fighter, trainer, and manager, Johnny’s exciting life involved close friendships with sports champions and Hollywood superstars.


Johnny Ortiz

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Please join me this Sunday, May 23, 2010 at the Stevens Steak House, 5332 E. Stevens Place, Commerce, CA 90040 … for a delightful gathering to honor my friend Johnny Ortiz.

Festivites will begin at 1pm, with tickets priced at $40.00 which includes lunch. Along with many boxers past and present who will attend, Johnny will have his new book, “My Life Among the Icons”, available with courtsey signings by Johnny. You can view two different articles regarding the book on this webiste by going to the “Categories” section and clicking onto Book Reviews and Johnny Ortiz.
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PublishAmerica Presents "My Life Among the Icons" by Johnny Ortiz

Frederick, MD — PublishAmerica is proud to present My Life Among the Icons by Johnny Ortiz of Valley Village, California.

His connection at age 15 with L.A.’s most notorious gangster, his sinister lifestyle while working for a renowned private investigator, 50 years as a fighter, trainer and manager, Johnny Ortiz’s exciting life involved close friendships with sports champions and Hollywood superstars.
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