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Carlos Ortiz (R.I.P.)

David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

On June 13, 2022 the boxing world lost a great champion 스파크 다운로드. Carlos Ortiz passed away at the age of 85. He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on September 9, 1936.

Ortiz began his outstanding professional career in 1955 with a first round knockout over Harry Bell in New York 다운로드.

He suffered his first loss losing to Johnny Busso via 10 round split decision on June 27, 1958. Ortiz was 21 years old and held an undefeated ring record of 26-0 entering that bout 안드로이드 한영사전 다운로드. Three months later in September, Ortiz reversed his loss with a convincing 10 round decision win. Both Busso fights were held at Madison Square Garden, New York 다운로드.

After posting a ring record of 29 wins, 2 losses, and one no-decision, Ortiz met Kenny Lane for the vacant junior welterweight / super lightweight title in New York on June 12, 1959 다운로드. Lane had given Ortiz a 10 round loss prior, on December 31, 1958, but this time Ortiz would win by knockout after two rounds to become the second Puerto Rican world champion since Sixto Escobar did it more than thirty years before.

In 1960, Ortiz defended his 140 pound title twice, knocking out Battling Torres and taking a 15 round decision over Duilio Loi. Also in 1960, Ortiz and Loi met in a rematch and Ortiz lost a 15 round decision. Ortiz and Loi fought their rubber match on May 10, 1961, with Loi winning a 15 round decision.

In 1962, Ortiz moved down in weight to lightweight and challenged champion Joe Brown. On April 21, Ortiz won a 15 round decision over Brown to win his second world title, and I remember it well, watching the fight on TV with my father on that Saturday evening.

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Johnny Lira and Lenny LaPaglia (R.I.P.)

***** FLASHBACK *****

This article originally appeared on on August 6, 2013

Johnny -crop

By Steve Corbo

In December, 2012 I lost a good friend, Johnny Lira, to liver disease 익스플로러 동영상 다운로드. He campaigned as a lightweight back in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. At one time he was the WBA’s #1 rated lightweight in the world. He also won the USBA lightweight title in spectacular fashion when he knocked out the undefeated Andy Ganigan 배틀 그라운드 무료. Nicknamed the “Hawaiian Punch”, Ganigan had a record of 25 – 0, with 23 wins by KO and he was looking to keep busy, while waiting for a shot at then champion, Roberto Duran 원랜디 6.1 다운로드. Johnny seemed a safe enough tune-up, he was only 14-0-1 with 8 wins by KO. The smart guys figured he’d go a few rounds, give Ganigan a little work and in short order become KO victim number 24 매드 파더. But the smart guys never could get a handle on the tough kid from Grand Avenue on the west side of Chicago.

Lira got his shot at a world championship in front of a home town crowd, when he took on WBA Lightweight Champion Ernesto Espana in 1979 다운로드. The fight was televised on the old ABC Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell calling the action. What a fight it was! Cosell called it even after five. Lira knocked down the champ in the seventh and it looked like he was going to put him away. But Espana fought back hard. That’s what champions do! Lira was dropped near the end of the 8th, then suffered a severely lacerated right eye and picked up a broken jaw. The ringside doctor stopped the fight after the ninth round.

There were more ring wars to come. After Espana, Lira’s career included losses to Willie “Fireball” Rodriguez, Howard Davis, Jr. and Alfredo Escalera . There were also wins over rugged Bobby Plegge, Al Ford  and Sammy Matos! Lira finally hung up the gloves in 1984 with a record of 29-6-1 with 15 wins by KO.

L to R: John Trombino, Steve Corbo, Lenny LaPaglia, John Nocita

I am now sad to report the loss of another friend and Chicago fighter, Lenny LaPaglia. He passed away at home, on July 06, 2013. Like Lira, Lenny was also a westsider, from Melrose Park. Lenny had a pro career that spanned 15 years. His record stood at 36-9 with 33 wins by KO. He was the Illinois State Light Heavyweight Champion and the first IBO World Champion, when he was crowned IBO Light heavyweight Champ in 1993. He also fought and lost to Tommy Hearns for the WBU Cruiserweight Title

But if you are from Chicago, Lenny will forever be linked with fellow Chicagoan, John Collins and their war for the Illinois State Middleweight Title. This was one of the last great, probably the last great, fights held in Chicago. The bout took place March 20, 1983. Collins was a Southside Irish American, the son of a Chicago Police Lieutenant. He had a record of 26-0 with 24 wins by KO. LaPaglia was a Westside Italian American, with a record of 19-0 with 18 wins by KO. Los Angeles may have had Danny “Little Red” Lopez vs. “School Boy” Bobby Chacon, but Chicago had LaPaglia vs. Collins!

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Arnie Koslow / R.I.P.


*** FLASHBACK*** This article piece originally appeared on on February 4, 2013

By David Martinez /

A dear friend to the boxing community recently passed away last month (January 2013) Arnie Koslow at the age of 88 유 유베 다운로드. Arnie was loved by all that knew him and was an honored member of the Golden State Boxer’s Association and was on hand for almost every luncheon that are held by the organization on a weekly basis 다운로드.

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Danny Valdez / R.I.P.

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

I am deeply saddened by the recent passing of a friend and former standout boxer, Danny Valdez, who passed away on February 28, 2021 at the age of 81 years old 그녀는 예뻤다 2회.

I first saw Danny fight on June 15, 1961 at the historic Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

I took the Greyhound Bus from Santa Barbara down to Los Angeles (100 mile trip) to meet my uncle on that Thursday to see Danny fight undefeated Tony Herrera (18-0) in their scheduled 12 round bout which was billed as the vacant USA California State Featherweight Championship 다운로드.

Danny won by 8th round knockout, and, ironically, as I remembered that fight, it was my first time seeing another soon-to-be friend, Joey Olmos, who was the referee 사람 아이콘 다운로드.

It was my 13th birthday, and my uncle also treated me the next night to see Freddie Blassie and the wrestling matches at the same venue – the Olympic Auditorium 원랜디 5.1 다운로드.

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Enrique Bolanos / R.I.P.

드래곤과의 춤 다운로드

*** FLASHBACK – this article first appeared on on June 27, 2012 and again on April 11, 2018 for viewing 다운로드.

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

On June 4, 2012, at the age of 87, Enrique Bolanos, top lightweight contender, passed away.  I never saw him fight, but had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely wife Ruby at various boxing venues.  According to people I know that saw him fight, he was a magnificent boxer that packed southland arenas and stadiums in the Los Angeles area like no other in the golden era of boxing (the 40’s and 50’s) 다운로드.

He engaged in over 100 bouts, winning 79, and fought all the best boxers of his time. Some of the top fighters he faced were Manuel Ortiz, Chalky Wright, Ike Williams, Jackie Wilson, Joey Barnum, John Thomas, Art Aragon, Maxie Docusen, Jimmy Carter, and Paddy DeMarco. 

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Marvelous Marvin Hagler (R.I.P.)


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

Upon learning of the sudden death of Marvin Hagler on March 13, 2021 at his New Hampshire home at the age of 66, my mind instantly switched into the mode of years-gone-by as I relived memories of this great fighter 다운로드. Hagler along with Alexis Arguello are my favorite boxers.

Marvin Hagler was born on May 23, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey, and in his childhood years moved to Brockton, Massachusetts. 

In 1969, Hagler took up boxing and met Pat and Goody Petronelli at their Brockton boxing gym 다운로드. They would become his trainers and managers throughout his amateur and professional careers.

In 1973, Hagler won the National AAU 165-pound championship by defeating U.S 텔레그램 일괄 다운로드. Marine standout Terry Dobbs and that same year also won the USA National title. His amateur record was 55 wins, with only one loss.

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Eddie Futch – Remembering In Honor and Respect


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

October is the anniversary month of the passing of Eddie Futch 다운로드. Eddie was born on August 9, 1911, in Hillsboro, Mississippi, and passed away on October 10, 2001. There have been, past and present, many great trainers in boxing and when I think of my personal best, that has to be Eddie 다운로드. He is just ahead of my next five, and (alphabetically) they are: Cus D’Amato, Jack Blackburn, Charley Goldman, Bill Slayton, and Emanuel Steward – quite a group 다운로드!

Eddie was simply the man that I consider #1, the best boxing trainer during my lifetime of following the sport. He trained or managed twenty-two world champions, which included Don Jordan, Hedgemon Lewis, Bob Foster, Joe Frazier, Virgil Hill, Ken Norton, Alexis Arguello, Michael Spinks, Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe, Wayne McCullough, Montell Griffin, Marlon Starling, and Mike McCallum, to name a few 다운로드.

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George Garcia … Saying Goodbye to My Best of Friends

George 2

*** FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on August 29, 2015 … regarding my friend, who passed away five years ago on August 13, 2015 … at this time annually in August – I refer it to be “George Garcia / Week (R.I.P.) in loving memory with the upmost respect – keeping George’s spirit alive 다운로드!

By David Martinez /

This past week, I said my final goodbye to a wonderful human being and best of friends, George Garcia wpf toolkit. I was honored as a pallbearer and to speak about him at the funeral service. My focus was his kindness which, besides boxing, is what attracted me most and made us the true, everlasting  friends that we were for about the past twenty years 다운로드.

George 3

George leaves behind a host of wonderful family and friends  hy 헤드 라인 m. But it is his long time girlfriend, and later to become his wife, Claire Landless that was and will forever be the soul mate of his life 다운로드. Together they formed a unique bond in love and respect for one other, exhibiting a truly great relationship between a man and a woman.

George 4
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George Garcia … Remembering My Best of Friends


*** FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on August 16, 2015 and on June 16, 2018 – along with my first article introducing George to my website back in 2007 … NOTE: another article piece will be posted later this week regarding my friend, as this is the week in August that I refer to be “George Garcia / Week (R.I.P.)” in true honor with the most upmost respect – keeping George’s spirit alive 카타나 제로 다운로드!

By David Martinez /

My dear best of friends George Garcia, age 60,  passed away peacefully at his home in Montebello, California on August 13, 2015 after his battle with cancer.  George was a special friend because he was giving and the kindest of people that I have ever known 이클립스 jdk 다운로드.

George 2-crop

We met about twenty years ago through the boxing circles.  He attended many World Boxing Hall of Fame banquets during my ten year (1997-2007) tenure on the Board of Directors 다운로드.

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Harold Lederman / R.I.P.

***** FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on May 12, 2019 regarding one of my best of friends, Harold Lederman, who passed away just a year ago 웹소설 조아라 다운로드. The boxing world has missed him, and as for myself, that is truly an understatement. Let us all prayerfully remember Harold today, honoring his memory and the true man of kindness that he was – miss you Harold 다운로드.

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

I am saddened to report the passing of one of my best friends, HBO Boxing’s Harold Lederman 다운로드. After battling cancer, Harold passed away Saturday, May 11, 2019. He was 79 years old.

Harold was truly a boxing icon. He was also a special friend and one of the kindest people I ever met djmax trilogy 다운로드.

We met over 20 years ago, during my tenure as Boxing Historian and Board Member for the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Since that time, we remained in close contact and I often shared his podcast videos, “Hey Harold” for my readers, on this website 스플린터셀 다운로드. We also exchanged Christmas cards every year.

In October 2013, Harold was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. Due to a commitment with HBO he was unable to attend his induction ceremony. I was so honored that he picked me to receive his induction award in his absence.

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