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  1. I want to see a good article by you on Jose Sulaiman. RIP!!!!! He did a lot for the mexican fighters…..Especially the Greatest of all time….Julio Cesar Chavez!!!!!

    Hope all is well David. I’m busy with work right now….but I will try to make it once a week in there.


  2. David, I’m a good friend of Pat Mahoney, we met at the IBHOF in Canastota NY, I live in Canada, my brother Paul and I are true blue boxing fans. We’ve been attending the IBHOF weekend ceremonies for the last 20 yrs., going this year as well. With the Latino theme should be a good venue, Oscar Dela Hoya, Felix Trinidad being inducted!
    Have a good one !

  3. Just wanted to thank David for all his hard work in keeping us informed and posted on the California boxing scene . My aunts brother is Ruben Navarro known as the Marravilla kid and my wife’s uncle was rudy cruz ,we were fortunate enough to attend his induction into the California boxing hall of fame .All made possible by all the hard work by people like you and you’re colleag’s please keep up the good work and know that many of us follow but don’t blog thanks Art Sanchez

  4. Hello, my dad was a boxer named Lou Valles. He fought from 1945 to 1954. I am trying to locate fight films of him. I know that he fought on TV in the fifties. He also fought on the under card of Graziano and zale at Yankee Stadium. Is there any way to get fight films of him??? Please, all your help is greatly appreciated..

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